Community Balance Post

Hey everyone!
If you didnt know i domt really play TTT only come on to add new content to enjoy. As such my idea of the strength of exotics are not very wise.
So here is a way to give your input! Which exotics do you feel are not worth using?

Afew notes

  1. Exotics are not supposted to be better than normal attachments, they are equal or worse.
  2. They should alter your play style. This may be small or massive changes.

If you feel an attachment does not fit the note then please let me know. This is your chance to see your loved attachment get some love.

This is the section where insert puts the input
Cupid - Fixing flavor text to be more insightfull Currently
Executes Targets under 25% HP. heals you for 75hp. Faster draw time. Deals damage mostly to chest. Use as a execute weapon for massive heal

Plan C - I dont believe you No brain

Big Iron - Rework/Rebalance

Leeching - I will consider how it works on shotguns but it gives +5 damage but if you miss you straight up die so i feel its “Balanced”. Will need other opinions.

Super bullets - Will Heavily consider Low/No damage and improving the mobility push calculation


plan c sucks :slight_smile:

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Cupid is shit

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Big iron is absolute trash. Dmg boost is not worth all the downsides and it’s just stat tweaking and nothing special. Please rework it (make the S&W with it super big or something fun)


Yeah, it just takes attachment slot and gives you some recoil, thats all Big Iron does atm

Leeching on shotguns is currently too damn gud. most are oneshots from a decent range

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Make super bullets do no damage, this would heavily reduce the amount of ARDM caused and remove the fact that even with super bullets your gun works fine as an offensive tool, feel like a gun with super bullets should a mobility tool, nothing more

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certain combinations of exotics cause issues with each other, perhaps there should be some sort of warning about issues

this is accurate

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Buckshot should make guns semi-auto

When is the Chicken Tikka Masala gun releasing

Big Iron is the most useless thing right now please rework

To add to this, leeching on shotguns is made better by the worse accuracy on shotguns compared to everything else. It’s harder to miss and take damage when you have several pellets and a bigger hit spread

But you take like 60 damage when shooting a shotgun with leech, the less bullets you hit the less you heal back. So I don’t understand this at all, I’ve been using a leeching ever since they were change and I can definitely say the better accuracy the better

am pro am use m3 super shotgun with leech and accurcacy attachments. i will either get 8 kills or die before killing a single enemy becuz i miss shot once

can someone tell me what exotics there are because i dont think there are any exotic attachments that are useless/ unwanted.

Well whip you see, there are super bullets, tranq bullets, another crowbar, big bertha, leech trigger, cupid bullets, big iron, laser, tm trainer, plan c, buckshot and panic pump

mmm i see thank you

I find the whole idea of exotics to be interesting, because some people get really into it to the point of obsession. I personally haven’t ever had any outrageous exotics to boast (with the exception of super bullets or moonman, which has become more common) but it’s never really something I’ve pursued. I think the main reason for that is that I come on to be an absolute [REDACTED] when I’m playing and I’m not all that bothered about what gun I’m using when I’m [REDACTED].

It means therefor that the concept of “balance” and how to fine-tune it is difficult (if not impossible) because not everybody has exotics anyway, and in any case, not every player is coming on to achieve the same thing. Some are more casual, others are a little more competitive, and @Red_Line hacks. How do you balance completely contrasting playstyles and levels of intensity?