Compeitive TTT Event

You voted for the event, i mearly host what people want so here we go!

Hello everyone, I’m glad to announce the 1st full hosted event for harrysmod. Competitive TTT!

It will run on Sunday the 3rd from 8pm to 9pm GMT. to enter simply join main2 before the start time where the server will be white listed until the event is over. There will be an annoucement when the server is live and a wanring in chat when the event begins.
The server will be open half an hour before for pratice and joining early.

Winners will win (The prizes are on condition we have a full game)

12 players+
1st place - An exotic of your choice

2nd place - a weapon from “Mane’s Secret Stash”

3rd place – 10 Weapon lootboxes (worth 3500 scrap)

8-12 players
1st place - a weapon from “mane’s Secret stash”

2nd place - 15 Weapon lootboxes (worth 5250 scrap)

3rd place – 10 weapon lootboxes (worth 3500 scrap)

anything below 8 players and sadly the event will be canceled

(Gun Allowances)

All guns allowed. Choose your loadout beforehand, you then cannot change what guns you are using.
If a mediator catches you changing guns during the event you will be kicked and therefore disqualified.

This ruleset insentivies choosing a well balanced loadout that will work in most cases. be smart and dont go for big bertha (Unless you like losing lmao)

You may pick up guns from the floor and use them, however you cannot change what guns you start with.
Gain Points for performance

3 Point per T kill

2 Points Per round win (if you are alive at the end)
2 point for a Det kill

3 points for a Traitor kill
1 Point for Surviving a full round

your 1st RDM Is a warning with no punishment within reason. Each consequential RDM ads 1 to the total punishment given per RDM.
Innocent RDM -1 Point
Traitor RDM -2 points
Detective RDM -2 points

The maps are as follows

  1. ttt_rooftops_2016_v1
  2. ttt_island_2013
  3. ttt_construction_v3
  4. ttt_innocentmotel_b6

If all goes well this may become a monthy/Bi-monthly event. More events to come!

CCX edit: This was Insert’s idea and he is running the events with the CM’s total endorsement. If you have comments/queries please direct them to him!


Maybe takeaway points for RDM?

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im guessing main2 is an alternate server thats only open sometimes?

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“Compeitive”, “Contruction” :thinking:

Id preffer that we’d use vanilla weps only, would make the gameplay more “skillfull”, and not rely on “cruchy” weapons.(Im looking at you essenced shotguns.)


Good idea, Im adding that to the ruleset, with a warning. for the event i will be sitting back and enjoying the tryhard sweat.

ima drink it up like the sweet sweet sadist i am

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Introducing: Mane’s Private Reserves (or Mane’s Secret Stash, whichever sounds neater)

A mix between prize-giving without damaging exotic weapon values and clearing out the metric shitload of items in my inventory, items in this category vary in terms of difficulty to use and, as such, carry the warning that you are not guaranteed a powerful weapon should you win one…or at least, not an easy-to-use weapon.


haha lol @MiloMuffiN is a traitor rofl

illteration > No illteration
Manes Secret stash > Manes private reserves
Libtard rekt by facts n’ logic


Why you do dis?! I’m away on the 3rd :sob:

More dates pls :kissing_heart:

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Wipes tear I’m so proud

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A few questions:
Is it allowed to change loadouts between map changes?
Is it only going to be at 8 to 9pm?
Do you have to be on the entire time?
What happens if you leave prematurely?

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I think sunday is quite a strange day to hold this on, I think it would be better to hold it on saturday or even on friday. Also I might just be a retard, but a time zone meantion would be nice

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The maps i picked is SPECIFICALLY done so to cause issues for certain maps, if you want to use the EZ shotgun or your very strong close ranged weps then 1/2 of map you play on will be an inherant disadvantage. You cannot change your load out at all.
The event is 8-9 PM as thats the time im free as uni etc etc.
If you have to leave pre-maturly thats fine and i will put you down as a honourable mention if you are top 3 by the end of taht round
If you leave pre-maturely without telling me your points are null and void and will not count to the final standing. informing me of your leave will keep your points but may be unable to win due to leaving has its disadvantages

add SOME of this infomation now

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Adding time zones for your convieniance

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Yike, not fully sure if i can do it saterday but may be able to if the demand is high enough,
Heres a smol pole to see what people prefer

  • Host on saterday
  • Host on sunday

0 voters

If i change what happens i can try

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So no loadout switching, but are you allowed to switch to to base weapons. ex. Stuck at a sniping spot with shotgun, are you allowed to pick up a stock sniper thats on the ground.


It amazes me how far people will reach to bend around the rules

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I’m away this entire weekend.

I meant just more dates in future :stuck_out_tongue:

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If all goes well this may become a monthy/Bi-monthly event. More events to come!

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Thats fine, adding it to the rules

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