Compeitive TTT Round 10 - Genisis edition

Time for the 10th competitive TTT event! - But this time we will be on genesis!
Also double digits! that will mean something i think…

Hosted on the 19 of December 2020 at 2-3pm gmt on main2 Server. the password will be “INSERTLAZY”. There will be an announcement when the server is live and a warning in chat when the event begins.
The server will be open half an hour before for practice and joining early.
The event will last an hour where i will crown the winner!

Winners will win (The prizes are on condition we have a full game)


The vote decide one winner.
The winner get 25 Weapon lootboxes for the new server! (A touch more for more players on the server )
2nd place and below? Nothing!

If you prefer a prize on main talk to me when you recieve your prize
Quick pole

  • One winner, big prize (Very spooky)
  • Three winners, Less big prize (Not as spooky)

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(Gun Allowances)

Due to this being the 1st genesis event we are forcing vanilla guns.

Gain points for performance

3 points for T kills

2 Points for det kill
Your kills divided by the amount of traitors will now give you points Points. (Rounded up)

2 points per t kill
1 points for surviving the round and winning

If you want to win you need to brush up on your innocent skills and positioning. you will NOT win if you just wait for your T round to cash in. You will gain a nice amount of points but the most kills will come from innocent rounds.

RDM’s will lead to Slays which limit your rounds played.

IDIOT TEST - Join the game with the name “Sunshine&Raincocks” To get banned for a week on all harrysmod servers!
Not idiot test - Join the server with the pre-fix - “[CUNT]”, To gain a bonus! definitely might do something good!
Good luck!


  • Vanilla guns
  • All guns - No switching
  • All guns - All switching

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This vote is only for information on what would of been preferred


  • Saterday Afternoon (2-3pm)
  • Saterday Night (7-8pm)

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Extra Note
I Don’t know if the comp ttt server will continue to use main or genesis style guns. after this even we can have a vote on what system we all prefer. Thanks for le patience.

Fuck you Saterday will live on

Fuck you no it wont. Fuck. unfortunately will as i cant change the pole after 5 mins. You win this round. I least i corrected the other crappy spellings - Dakka

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Your spelling give me a headache. Every. Single. Time.

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genesis is perfectly balanced so im sure it will be great

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This is copy pasted every time i do it so unles i proof read it i wont fix it. and its noy my fault. Harrysmod is proud to have broken spelling. its probberbly for the best.

I will find you and I will kill you

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at least most of it is corrected

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Nah I’m not from Alabama


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