Compeitive TTT Round 4

Time for the 4th compeitive TTT Event!

Hosted on the weekend starting 8th february 2020 on main2! the password will be “AIMINGREQUIRED”. There will be an annoucement when the server is live and a wanring in chat when the event begins.
The server will be open half an hour before for pratice and joining early.
Winners will win (The prizes are on condition we have a full game)

12 players+
1st place - An exotic of your choice (must be unboxable from crates)

2nd place - a weapon from “Mane’s Secret Stash”

3rd place – 10 Weapon lootboxes (worth 3500 scrap)

8-12 players
1st place - a weapon from “mane’s Secret stash”

2nd place - 15 Weapon lootboxes (worth 5250 scrap)

3rd place – 10 weapon lootboxes (worth 3500 scrap)

anything below 8 players and sadly the event will be canceled

(Gun Allowances)


Gain Points for performance

3 points for your first T kill
for each T kill you gain afterwards you will be rewarded 1 more points.
for example, in one round
1 T kill = 3 points
2 T kills = 4 points
3 T kills = 5 points
total round score = 12 Points!!!

2 Points for det kill
Your kills Divided by the ammount of traitors will now give you points Points. (Rounded up)

2 points per t kill
1 points for surviving the round and winning

If you want to win you need to brush up on your innocent skills and positioning. you will NOT win if you just wait for your T round to cash in. You will gain a nice ammount of points but the most kills will come from Innocent rounds.

Dets no longer get the benifit of innocent bonus and get less points for surviving. Traitors get more points for killing the det. Traitor points are now rounded up instead of rounded down when account for kills.

Map rotation
ttt_innocent hotel

RDM’s will lead to Slays which limit your rounds played. These will become more harsher the more RDM’s you commit.
No breaking normal server rules

IDIOT TEST - Join the game with the name “MiHurryq” To get banned for a week on all harrysmod servers!
Good luck!


  • Vanilla guns
  • All guns - No switching
  • All guns - Switching at will

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  • Saterday Morning (1-2pm)
  • Saterday Night (7-8pm)
  • Sunday Morning (1-2pm)
  • Sunday Night (7-8pm)

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Fuck you Saterday will live on

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ooooh a week off


CCX is borred at work again


Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday Saterday

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Competitive ttt should be about leveling the playing field with skill as the deciding factor, not guns as a crutch for poor players. If you’re gonna call it competitive and take it seriously, then keep it that way


It also shouldnt about luck, with stock weapons ts barely have a chace, how the hell am I suppose to kill a D that is flying around the map with a stock weapon

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There is a balance that all guns, no switching has which i will need to account for, being Map selection. a wide selection of maps means all guns wont be viable as others will. I understand where you are comming from with all guns, switching at will but we have had alot of vanilla guns and people are getting borred of them.

Harrysmod is ment for fun and compeitive Dosen’t have to mean 100% fair. Give a new player an OP gun and they will preform worse than a player with decent game sence. Sure it helps if they get caught but the person that catches them can also one shot.

I will be sure to pick a wid selection of maps so all guns, no switching accual means something. if you dont like this weeks pick. You can not play

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So new players have to struggle with the unmodded weapons that they have in their inventory with a decreased chance of winning, while more experienced players get to use their guns with a higher chance of winning?

Yup, that just about sums up this event apparently nice :slight_smile:

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crowbar only


(Disclaimer: Secret Stash items are not guaranteed to be overpowered. The only guarantee about them is that they have three positive stats. You have been warned.)

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no we want op gunz


2 years? Lmao


Maybe new players should not attend a competitive event in the first place?

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Use vanilla guns you pussies


Yeah here is a problem - this is event for everyone.
You know full well that main base of players are playing with op guns.
That being said if some 30lvl player want to participate, he will be demolished with very accurate fast weapons)
If this event called competetive it’s supposed to be about skill and NOT about OP weapons.


That is some bullshit right there


I mean, you aren’t wrong by any means. And I would have wanted to play with stock guns, but since I played the last competitive game I’ve realised that stock guns are extremely unbalanced for terrorists. When every gun is so weak all of the gun fights last forever and during that time it’s really easy for other people to come and finish you off. Sneaking behind someone and killing them quickly is also really difficult when everyone is on such a high guard, the Ts need good weapons to have a chance, especially on open maps

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Simple answer - just remove jetpack and moonman
It is easy to do.

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Any hats don’t work with vanilla guns, but removing jetpack won’t make much easier for ts since the Ds will stick to open areas and crowds more often, and that dosent change the fact how hard it is to kill innos

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I am not sure what are you talking about.
When i started playing on harrys mod it,s all i did.
Played with stock guns against people like nobrain with his stupid shotgun, until on lvl 70 i got first purple weapon

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