Compeitive ttt round 8 - SPOOKY EDITION

Time for the 8th compeitive TTT event! - But this time its SPOOOOOKYYYY.

Hosted on the 31th OctOber 2020 at 2pm BST on main2! the password will be “INSERTLAZY”. There will be an annoucement when the server is live and a warning in chat when the event begins.
The server will be open half an hour before for pratice and joining early.
The event will last an hour where i will crown the winner!

Winners will win (The prizes are on condition we have a full game)


One winner… One price

1st place - A unique halloween exotic!
The “Halloween Jest” - A unique Secondary which through magic fires rounds that invokes tricks! Will only get better as new tricks gets added, Only CM’s and you can get. Be one of the 7 people on the server who can become Killed every round for using it!

2nd place and below - Nothing at all!

Quick pole

  • One winner, big prize (Very spooky)
  • Three winners, Less big prize (Not as spooky)

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(Gun Allowances)

Vannila guns! All stats for the event will be disabled.

Gain points for performance

3 points for T kills

2 Points for det kill
Your kills divided by the ammount of traitors will now give you points Points. (Rounded up)

2 points per t kill
1 points for surviving the round and winning

If you want to win you need to brush up on your innocent skills and positioning. you will NOT win if you just wait for your T round to cash in. You will gain a nice ammount of points but the most kills will come from innocent rounds.

RDM’s will lead to Slays which limit your rounds played.

IDIOT TEST - Join the game with the name “Sunshine&Raincocks” To get banned for a week on all harrysmod servers!
Not idiot test - Join the server with the pre-fix - “[CUNT]”, To gain a bonus! definetly might do something good!
Good luck!


  • Vanilla guns
  • All guns - No switching
  • All guns - All switching

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Vanilla guns.


  • Saterday Afternoon (2-3pm)
  • Saterday Night (7-8pm)

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