Compeitive TTT - Winners and goals

Thanks all for joining in! I learned a fair bit from hosting this but here are the Standings!
I will only be putting people who SCORED here so if you got 0 points… Git guud

1st place - Codey(22 points, won the tie break)
2nd place - Henners(22 points, Lost tie break)
3rd place - SidSef(21 points, won tie break)

Honourable mentions
KocLeN- (21 points, Lost tie break)
Dreakskyo - 18 points

People who got points.
Joe Swanson, Bonzo and Jai - 9 points
Collosalwaffle and inster - 8 points
Vladmir - 7 points
Charging badger, Spondo, soul and Taurus - 6 points
Muffin - 4 points
Duckz - 3 points
Acid master and heskan - 2 points

Changes for next time and polls for next time
While it was always important getting T kills as innocent it was pointed out being a T was not fun for points. Also being a D was innocent+ being able to get you kills easier. For next time the rules will be

3 points per T kill
1 point for surviving a whole round

5 Points for winning and living
2 Points for det kill
Your kills Divided by the ammount of traitors will now give you points Points.

2 points per t kill
3 points for surviving the round and winning

As for the next compeitition we have afew options

Time and day for next event

  • Saterday Morning (11-12PMIsh~)
  • Saterday Evening (8-9PM Ish~)
  • Sunday Morning (11-12PMIsh~)
  • Sunday Evening (8-9PM Ish~)

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  • Keep gun rule set as it is
  • Stock guns on a different server

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Finnaly please give map suggestions. suggest 4 maps and the most liked set will be used.

Thank you all for playing, The next compeitive TTT will be on December 7th OR 8th

CCX Edit: Harry has given Insert a few powers to help with the next event. Well done to everyone who took part and to Insert for not fucking it up horribly. Also Saterday


Third place without a T round yeah man




Terror train




proberbly right


Acid we need a tie break!

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We will need maps that help with the new rulings wichever they get to be. Also what i would suggest is that once the rules are some what pleasing we keep em for an ammount of time(A season consisting of X months), and change it every season to keep the ruling and gameplay fresh.


Maybe make the contest on just a single map, so people can equip themselves for that specific map?


The reason for 4 maps is to give balance to all players who may join.

If the ONLY map we played was (for example) TTT_innocentHotel it would cater to close range weapons. if you dont have a good close range weapon then you will lose most 1v1s if you cant one shot or kill before they call you out.

Forcing players to pick weapons for a spread of maps
A. Picking an unbalanced loadout makes gameplay harder for you on later maps
B. If you only have certain guns that are good means you WILL have a advantage rather than rich OP players ALWAYS kitting out for the best advantage

One map means the player with the best spread of inventory WILL win. thats not what i want to go for


Also, next time Fix knives please


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