Comrad's Ket Store(Hmod Weapons)

So I’ve collected a load of weapons ranging in quality from numerous trades over the past months and now my inventory is just clunky.I always have to repeatedly post items in discord to try and sell them so thought this would be an easier way doing that.
Just send me an offer for the item you are interested in on discord or something like that and I’m sure we can figure something out.

weapons1 weapons2V2
weapons3WEAPON 6666 IS SOLD weapons4 weapons5 weapons6V2
weapons7 weapons8

I will do my best to update this as much as possible as things sell and I get new shit etc.
Have a good day.


Lmao 4 of them are mine

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How much for Brainded?

10 characters yeet

what for winchester :slight_smile:

23k boyo
10 characters again yeet

you realise there is a way around the 10 character limit?


also dont tell them its a secret REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

How? 10 characters


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K den


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I want that 6666 Galil. Purchased it.

Did rhe auto sniper got rerolled? Aug

Sowy for the necro but its not for memes

Shop out of date, will do an updated one if I can be arsed