Cookies with Soy Sauce or without?


Ya’ll eat your cookies with soy sauce or without soy sauce?


I prefer sweet and sour sauce. But instead of oatmeal raison cookies I eat Oatmeal 420Blazin cookies. 46%20PM


this shit post has not made me loose brain cells
thank you for being better than heskan

enjoy this anime meme

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Ya, he tried impersonating me on discord :frowning:


I’m not furious. Cookies go plain sometimes a little milk.

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And that got me banned :slightly_frowning_face:


I eat the packet. it is very yummy with tin foil and plastic wrap :slight_smile: mmmmmmmmm


Dont forget to put it into the microwave and it it as well


*lose :stuck_out_tongue:


I prefer Vaseline on cookies

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I prefer cookies in vaseline