Corrupted essence forging Min/Maxing

If there is one thing i love about life its Min/Maxing the shit outa things

Show me a gun, tell me what you want and i can say how much you will get outa it.
i can help you Min/Max the stats for the best possible gun

Its free and i want to pratice maths


I did bless Badger’s shotgun with my essence, ehhh wasnt so hard

Even payed me good in exchange

Please explain minmaxing for idiots real quick, im interested

Well you max the good stats like dmg and minimise the bad stats like increased range or decreased recoil (for some guns) so you can get the best out of a gun


Ok I am Insertrested

Im guessing you want Bullets and Fire rate maxed.
Math time
Reload time has a cap of 81% so you can only have a -81% reload time. That means you have 6 upgrades left till you hit the cap.

Bullets have a cap. it rounds down. to get the most out of the stat you want 79% for 25 bullets. Any higher and its a waste. you need 2 upgrades on that to max it. this gives a meatshot a max damage of 200. This supposes you hit the torso and dont hit the head/legs or arms.
Arm damage - 6
Leg damage- 5.28
Head Damage- 12 (all shots is 300)

With the remaining 4 you can max the firerate upto a smelly 180% (wasting 5%) that is from a delay of 1.25 (per second) to 0.44 firerate. that means you can empty the clip if you can click fast enough in around 3-4 seconds.

However you have the smelly -81% reload time. it takes around 1.2~ seconds to reload each bullet. the clip has 6 bullets. giving you a 2.1~ reload time for each bullet. that 8 seconds to reload the clip.

Seems fun

also , what do you think is the best upgrade to it in your opinion

Hello there.

Damage wise Due to shitreg More bullets will guantee more hits.
So we will go with Bullets>Damage>Accuracy.

You have a 39% Decreased Reload which goes up 81%. So you have 9 Upgrades. This is thinking we push it to max. you will have a M3 with -81% reload. Each pellet takes 1.2~ Seconds. making it around 2 seconds to reload. thats 8 seconds to reload the clip.

Bullets have a cap. it rounds down . to get the most out of the stat you want 79% for 25 bullets. Any higher and its a waste. you need 7 upgrades on that to maximise it.

that leaves you with 3 upgrades left. Accuracy is meh when it comes to a shotgun so damage outclasses it to ensure you get thoes nice meatshot killers and slightly longer BS kills. and at 108% its fine as it is.
with +15%~ damage you get to around 55% damage which makes each pellet 12.4 damage.
this gives a meatshot a max damage of 310. This supposes you hit the torso and dont hit the head/legs or arms.
Arm damage - 7.8
Leg damage- 6.18
Head Damage- 18.6 (all shots is 465)

Looks fun as hell. if you get in range

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do you think that it would be worth maxing out damage for the price of accuracy after the upgrades you’ve suggested

Honesty. No - the trade of is not worth it.

For higher damage you trading of lower ranges, you already get a clean meatshot kill and lower accuracy makes longer range kills less consitent when random bullet spread rears its ugly head.

But we can do the math for you.
with your gun you would have 55%~. to max it to 81% you need 5 upgrades to put it to 80~ and 6 to max it out at 81%. in doing so you redue the accuracy down to 40%~ or 50%~ on your choice.
Before you make that desion i would play with a shotgun WITH this accuracy just to feel how wierd it is.
Overall the damage at max is 14.41. is 2 damage really worth it for HALF your accuracy?

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Insert you dumb poo face, reload has a cap of 108

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10 chars

I would appreciate it now if you re-calculated my wep for the cap ivan said :slight_smile:


with -108% reload speed things get sillier. you have 14 upgrades left.
Also there is a global multiplier that is attached to all stats. i will factor that in too.

with the extra 5 upgrades you can push damage upto a cool 80%… But there is a global mutliplier that nerfs that by 0.9%. so its accually 72% damage.

With that our the way…
108% acc, 72% damage boost, 79% bullets with -108% reload.

Thats 25 bullets dealing 13.72 with a meatshot of 344. Nice but if you miss all your shots you have a 2.4~ second reload per pellet. thats 19~ seconds to reload it fully.

High damage. Dont miss


Highest dmg per sec possibleeee

Can tou calcolate for me please?
Tha k you

Ah shit here we go again.

As always Higher firerate will beat higher damage. BUT a p228 is different.
its semi-auto
Unless you got a macro/auto click (nope not allowed as i hear) your wasting the stat.

Reload time goes upto 108%. you have 9 upgrades left.
Upgrading that puts damage upto 68.5% damage. that gives you a damage of 50.55~
thats 3 shot kills on ANY person on body/head, even with body armour.
Legs are 33.3~
Arms are 37.9~

However the reload time will be Doubled. keep that in mind when you spam click that away,

Not bad.


I really appreciate the effort you put into that minmaxing, but all of your math is wrong mate…
This p228 has 8 upgrades left for example, and it could push it into 64% dmg boost because of that, and all old ones have even more errors because of max - reload cap

Im making a new one because discord fucking sucks