Corrupted Exotics

I know we have corrupted legendaries and stuff, but what if we had corrupted exotics? It’d be rare to unbox them but its basically just the exotic but with some wild as hell nerf, and i mean next level nerf. For example something like the big bertha would have a -70% damage or something of the sort. And once you hit the kill count (i would suggest closer to 200 kills than the standard 100) you unlock the exotic box which costs between 50-100k of scrap to give you the real exotic. It might help get some exotics in rotation for players that have absolutely no chance of getting some (Not complaining, im just acknowledging that when people get them it’s just hard to give them up) but its not like you’re handing them out to people. They have to GRIND for that weapon. Plus it would honestly just be a lot of fun trying to use something like the vampiric deagle that sucks out 50 health with every shot.

50-100k for a big Bertha, yeah no
+100+ kills for the thing

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