Crowbar Tourney

Saturday November 5 ill be holding a crowbar only tournament
Choose Which time

I broke the poll Moved to a post below

if you dont want to make a forums account you can pm me on discord and say which group you want to join
you are allowed to Join both groups if your able to make it
Failing to show up will result in a Disqualification

The Brackets Will Be made The moment The Voting Closes

The prize is yet to be determined But Depends on How many People Join
I will most likely Host it on the main server (if the password is removed at that time) so that people Wont have to Download the files for it on modded and We wont bother genesis

Now some basic Rules
No admin Crowbars (looking at specific people)

This Round Will be Basic Crowbar only so no Crowbars With stat boost

While i said No Stat boost You are allowed to use a White Crowbar
if you use a Green or above Crowbar You Will be disqualified

Exotic Crowbars Such as Annoyer Rab worc and Dual Crowbars are allowed

i cant believe i have to mention this but no guns allowed
so you people cant start shooting your contestant and say it is allowed as it isnt stated in the rules

you are allowed to use whatever Hat you want even the exotic ones

And with that i will see you all in a week

  • i will be Joining the 1AM UK time group
  • i will be Joining the 1PM UK time group
  • I am unable to join/Not interested

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sad away from pc noises

i want to join this put i don’t believe i’d be able to make that time

The brackets Have been Decided
this one is for the 1PM UK time group

As the 1AM group only has 4 people as fuse Fell out We’ll do something else For them

(profesionnally made Bracket Made in paint

Am i retarded, but 1am is like 8 hours away right?

it is time for the tourney

in 8 hours or smth idk