Currently known glitches, mistakes etc


Here i will list all the glitches, typos etc. that i know of, if you know anything that isnt here, comment on the thread please

Warlords mag capacity is 60, and according to the description it should be double that of a galil, which is 70
Warlords dmg reduction is glitchy and doesnt always work
Vampiric Deagle does 70 dmg, and it should deal twice the deagles dmg, which is 74
P90 Red skin is glitched
Shotgun Space skin cant be applied
Huge’s mystic skin is veeery low resolution
Spawning a large amount of santas crashes the server
With a big enough inventory, others can see only a part of it in trading tab
Trades sent by those with big invs sometimes appear as empty
Panic Pump sometimes doesnt work when droped and picked up
High firerate makes the sound almost silent, and very weird (only for the user)
Jailing someone in front of golden prisons car crashes the server
Alt map server doesnt download the maps, unlike the other 2
Hats still dont like first person spectating
Anti-cheat may kick players for no reason
Gambling may not work at the end of a round, before a restart, crash, or others unboxing large amounts, effectively making you lose money
Large amounts of slays give you - slays
Crippling spectacors makes them able to propkill others easily
Sometimes others show up as detectives on the tab screen, while being innocent or traitors
Traitors may show up as innocent when killed, but their bodies still show them as the true role


The last two are generally gmod rather than Hmod thing - this happens to me on other servers.

Jailing in front of the car is a gmod thing rather than Harry thing. (Also we know not to do that)

Santa doesn’t work at all right now :confused:

Corrutped- lol


why would you do this lmao





blame whoever made it

stop admin abuse

its too late to change this

gmod bug

stop admin abuse



stop admin abuse

gmod network bugs

the rest ill look into


Dunno if this will add anything but if you ignite a spectator while they are locked on to someone, it will burn and eventually kill them, I will admit I have tricked admins into igniteing me and then trolling the fuck out of people, even killing a few when I first found out, luckily I think they all know now so it’s stopped.


Yeah this is something that shouldn’t be happening. #stopadminabusenow


Adding to this- adding slays to someone who already has some doesnt work

Enhanced quest notifications no longer plays the sound (which was the best bit)

Adverts and messages in chat on alt server is weird/ wrong

Custom gimps don’t work

Waterworld no longer seems to work on main


big thank harry
also why is deagle intended? i guess warlord to have the same amount as spare ammo (although changing the description would be nice) but why 70 on vamp. deagle?


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