Dakka’s introducton

Well I’ve been on this server a good while now, since just before the first birthday event, so it’s probably time to do one of these damn things as many people have.

My real name is Alex and I’m 18y/o British male, and I love in the middle of nowhere so my internet is shite, like 3mbs on a average-good day, and 6 on a perfect day when no one else is using it in about a mile radious, so I will often complain about my shit ping :frowning: therefore pls don’t move when I’m near you :joy:.
I tend to like things that are simple and quick, as I spend a lot of time procrastinating so I like to be able to trick myself into ‘after this game’ and so on.
I also tend to like tranq trolling people pre round, so if you suddenly find yourself going slow and I’m on the sever, it’s probavly me being a pest.

I like to think of myself as I good guy, however I do hold grudges if you’ve been a dick to me, but fortunately non of you regulars are dicks.

Calling people morons, or cretins or imbeciles is a favourite pastime of mine, although pls be understanding of my spelling. My fingers move faster than my brain does sometimes and spelling is overrated. The only reason this is spelt correctly is due to my phone and autocorrect.
I currently name some of my weapons after my gfs nickname so if you pick up a weapon following named muffin or similar, I may end you :slight_smile:

That’s aboit it from me, but just one note. Please please please LEARN TO READ THE DAMN CHAT. This is a thing that’s got me killed so many timed, because I don’t have a mic and people don’t bloody read. Thanks guys.

And as always, you can never have enough Dakka. Get some more Dalka and life will be good


I’m furious.


New account who dis.


where are the toilets?

wait, Muffin is your gf? This explains some things…

no heskan. muffin is the nickname of my gf, not the guy who plays on gmod


I know :]


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Suspicious :wink:

??? (Complete sentence bs)

Oh, and also that complete sentence bs

Did it just take u 30 mins to get the joke? XD
Too much dakka for brain to handle I guess

2 things,

  1. There’s no such thing as too much Dakka
  2. I didn’t read it for 30 minutes due to life

Hello Dakka, nice to meet you


im A massive cunt that needs go screw my self

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Why would you do this




aaaaaaaa hahahaaaaaaa (body)

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Its aliiiife

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