Deagle Duels

Deag duels are a way to challenge an opponent to a skill-based fight. Deag duels will also be used in some competitions
The rules are fairly simple:
Use a deagle
Attempt to shoot your opponent’s head.
A headshot will kill your opponent and is considered a win.
a kill via body shot is a loss for the killer.
you start the duel at an agreed-upon time, this is done by typing a time in chat like 3:10 then waiting for your opponent to agree to a set time. Once that time is reached you start shooting at one another.
As a note detectives are at a disadvantage because they take more body shots to kill, same w/ t’s who buy body armor.

Finally, While this is set up to be a skill-based duel, the primary goal is to have fun.

Thanks for reading!

As a final note, be aware tournaments are coming soon :wink:


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yesus

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Btw Oin my opinion in dugle duels we should use stock dugld or csd

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this idea is a shit

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You just cant aim


I’m up for giving it a try


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