Destiny 2 Tournament 2, electric boogaloo

Hello there Guardians!

My determination and maybe lack of sense has given me the idea to rerun the Tournament i did last month, wich flopped due to lack of playerbase. This time however since its summer, and people have more free time I could see it happen.

So, how does is it gonna work? :
Depending on the ammount of players it will either be a 1v1 tournament bracket, or a 5 man free for all matches. No pinnacle weapons allowed, to even out the field(these are weapons you get from The pvp, pve and pvpve vendors quests respectibly) since they are quite powerfull.

Whats in it for me, the TTT player? Im glad you asked! The prize for the first player will consist of:

  1. 100k Scrap
  2. A super sawed off!(Everyone wants one theese days!)
  3. A legendary weapon from my collection that ill choose for you, the winner!(No troll weapons, i swear!)

Second place player will recieve either 30k scrap or an exotic of their choice(must be obtainable, no charity items either), and the third player will recieve either 10k or a pink weapon from my collection!(again, ill choose a good one).

If you dont have the game go get it at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1085660/Destiny_2/ (Link to download the game from in steam, its FREE! -DLC sold separately-)

The date this time will be August 21, Friday. Time will be at 6pm British time.
If any of you want to start your adventure with a little bit of help and or have doubts on what to do or how to get guns, feel free to pm me on discord.


Quick warning this game is like 60GB to download


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ill add another 100k into the giveaway


You heard it first folks, more money for the 3 first, 1st would get 130k, second 70k and third 30k scrap guaranteed!

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87gigs kokichi


For me this will be a grind to 1000 power

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https://youtu.be/Q8pFDLDk17M A video of me and my pals watching an ingame event of destiny 2, maybe this will spark your curiosity about the game.

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Oh shit I remember that one when the community said it was dogshit and boring and just was a rip off of fortnite events

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Reminder! Less than a week remaining for the event! Keep training and grinding!

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And so ends the event! I filled a slot due to not enough people showing up as i hoped, and thus, theese are the scoreboards of the event!

is the first round score

is the second round

and the last one, so:

  1. Vagan
  2. Papa
  3. Whip
  4. Ok
  5. Duck wing.

Thanks for participating! The first 3 will get rewards as stated and the other players will recieve consolation prices(legendaries from my inventory).

Hopefully more people will participate on my next event!