Did i do an oopsie?

Did i create an aug meta?


Yes, So we must end your tyrannical acts.

oof god dammit

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I don’t get it

a meta is as a google definition states " In games, the " meta " is referring to what are the strongest strategies currently. For example, in League of Legends the " meta " is a phrase that means whatever champions are strongest at the moment.". essentially i’m asking if I have encouraged people to pick up the aug and use it.

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Reminder that I currently have a very broken one sitting waiting for my return.


I’d love to buy it at some point

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Its not “meta” perse, its the fact that people realized how good some augs can be, due to the fact that its an ar with a scope and decent range. For it to become less" meta"ish the only thing i see that can be done is the firerate, but i do think its good as is. Maybe lessen the zoom of it?

I think the base acc of the aug is more to blame as it hascosistentesy on maps it shouldn’t like rooftops or on waterworld. Without any accuracy boost.

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