Do you hate me?


tell me what u think 'bout me.


Heskan's Introducktion MK. II
Complain here!

I don’t hate you, but you seem like an arse from what I’ve seen of you.



I don’t hate you as I can only hate you if I know you well enough.
However your acting like a salty cunt which isn’t really needed.
My advice is please cut out the salt, and if you have issues with players or helpers talk to staff or Community Managers about it like an adult and I’m sure we can get to an agreement



aight fair



yea well the problem is the admins seem to not give a shit because they’d have at least asked that vlad helper that was admin abusing, but rather they act like hes not involved at all… idk tho and once again, im not salty, but a cunt - yes, very much. i just want that dumbass heskan to khs



The admins issue is that you have just started complaining on the forums with no evidence-they would be fine if you just messaged one of them on the forums or on discord in a private environment where things could be sorted out easier, now your the one that looks like a salty fucker even if your not and you just felt that something was wrong.



you have a good point, and because you seem like you know your shit, maybe i can get help from you instead. so basically, heskan made a false report, vlad admin abused and added 1 autoslay to both of us - me and maxenny (my friend), one may be properly reasoned, the other one definitely not. so can you help me with this issue? oh and also can you please like the original post at the top lol



Hello There.

This is NOT the place to post this.
Make a report Here WITH PROOF or drop the subject. Last warning before you get a large temp fourm ban

The 1st day you enter you cause a giant shitstorm without proof and you miss everyones points.
So yeah, i dont Hate you but i dont like you either. Bad 1st impression tbh.



I cannot make a judgement instantly as I wasn’t there, however depending on the situation I may have sided with you if I could see death scenes etc. But I can’t. Vlad is a new helper so will get slays wrong from time to time when he becomes more experienced with handling reports, however to lash out at him for it isn’t fair.1 slay isn’t admin abuse, its either deserved or a slight misjudgment, but your attitude was not the correct way to handle it. As Insert said above, this isn’t the place to post an issue such as this and without evidence there is nothing we can do as a staff team anyway.We try to treat every situation fairly but your responses have not put you in the best of light. I will be fine to discuss this issue further PRIVATELY if you have evidence or an issue.

Otherwise we can draw a line under this a event and move on with our lives and hopefully have a good time together



not the 1st day, played on this server a few weeks back, liked this server back then, until i ran into the cunts that are “ArtisticHeskan” and “Vlad”.



Slay isn’t admin abuse if it has a reason, however doing things that severely impact gameplay for a user just because You want to, while others, regular users, can’t do that, is considered admin abuse, so please, do not start with that, and neither call it “slight misjudgment”, it was far off. My attitude was good, it showed my emotions and respect I had for the server / staff, which should be worrisome instead of something You look at negatively, and I didn’t originally post it here to talk about this incident, I posted to see peoples’ opinions on me, but when I responded to You, I saw the chance to introduce You to the case as I was expecting to receiving help from You in the future, which is a fully normal thing to do.



yes i do fuck off you infantile pillock of a human being



calm down buddy, are you on your period?



Can’t hate you if I don’t know you. I hate how bloody toxic and obnoxious you have been on the forums, but don’t have any evidence to hate you.



thanks for the legitimate and honest response :slight_smile:



However, my opinion of you has been severely lowered by this idiotic playground insult.



uhhh k lol…



Ok I am beginning to lose patience now

Do I have to fucking spell it out to you?
There is nothing we can do if YOU don’t provide proof. That’s the way life is, if you can’t find that then just shut the fuck up and move on

Are you sure?

That doesn’t sound like respect-helpers are classed as staff and should be treated with the same respect as staff.

You have consistently ignored staff advice and have continued to moan on the forums with little reason. You have acted like a cunt and after I have given you several chances you still haven’t swallowed your pride and admitted you WERE MOST LIKELY WRONG.

If this server is so bad with “abusive” admins then the door is open for you(shut it on your way out please)


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Closing this as it has no reason to be open