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Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198170060943/
I decided to hop on gmod because i was getting bored on csgo, i was trying to find a server that wasn’t Russian or German and i found one that had my favorite map which was dolls. I joined, waited for the current round to end and then played the following round. I was a T, bought a radar and started killing people as fast as possible without being noticed. This means mostly head shots with the scout to be fast. The last guy, who was in the bed didn’t want to come out so i was looking at all exits from which he could leave. He never left so as i waited for my radar to update confirming that he was still in the bed and his general whereabouts, i pressed my alt key to creep up on him slowly and quietly. A head shot with the deagle quickly ended the round. Now we’re in pre-round and “The Lazy Tank Engineer” (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198330936771/) starts accusing me of cheating and puts a indefinite slay on me. I tried to explain what happened in admin chat but he refuses to accept what i have told him. I added him on steam to see if he looked at all the death scenes, which he did, then told that i will later be banned by another admin. He is a nice guy for giving me the link to this website so i could appeal which most people couldn’t be bothered. I Had over 700+ hours on one TTT server alone that unfortunately shut down due to a merge. I’m asking for this appeal because of the politeness towards me even thought was was accused of cheating and also because the deagle actually works on this server compared to others that are just the vanilla base of TTT and don’t change the weapon mechanics.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this.


paging @player_135


i wasn’t able to record it but during that round, after killing lazy, you spun 180 and head shot a guy with a rifle at almost point blank range. This to me is highly suspicious of aimbot. I was AFK for up until the end of the round so i could only see this from a deathscene.


I was actually going to turn back and head toward the closet to seek more cover compared to the position i was at because you can be shot from the top of the ceiling and because i was close to the edge as i recall.


I also moderated a TTT server about 6 months back, if you want you could speak to them for clarification about me.


Ok. This seems reasonable that the shot you got on the guy may have just been a lucky shot. I only watched the death scene about 2 times and i didn’t record it so i didn’t have enough time to properly view the evidence. However this is all i saw. I dont know about the other accusations. I wasn’t there for that part of the round and i didnt get to view them from death scenes.


There were no other accusations to my knowledge as well, and i appreciate you for taking the time out of your day to review this matter. I hope to play on this server again.


I watched the scene once and witnessed the death, and he did just spin, fire and get a head-shot.
the other accusations where those of wall hacking as he was constantly twitching and had his rifle on the final guy at all times, regardless of radar resets.


After my radar reset multiple times, knowing from the radar that he still hasnt left the bed, i position my crosshair over the bed waiting for movement from the three out the 4 visible exits possible. Throughout, i keep my crosshair on the bed waiting for him to make the move first and sometimes checking exits to possibly catch him off guard while waiting for my radar to update. I eventually move towards him as to not delay the round because the player decided to camp in the bed.


After speaking to Lazy, I’ve reduced the ban from a permanent ban to a ban lasting from today to the 24th of February.
Thank you for being respectful and calm though your ban appeal.


Thanks so much!

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I’ve removed the ban entirely @dooPi.
Have fun playing.

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