Dread's wholesale

This is my store, offer some decent amounts of scrap or good legendary corrupteds and ill probably accept them.



I hearby claim MiniMinigun via buyers 1st for an agreed upon price when you can deal.
No one else offer as i have bagsed it or face my wrath >:(

Dreadsko and I can Agree upon a price later on

low stat corrupted = waste of essence
purple corrupted = waste of essence
combine both = not waste of essence simple maths

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I am interested in “When in need of MVP” and
“Augumented Huge”
Tell me when u will be online, than you can take a look at my weapons!

Also buying dual mp5 someone sell pls


and how much for mini gurettas

aaaaaand how much for rifle without a scope all these guns r ebic to da max

Hop on the server today and i’ll most likely be on. If im not just ping or pm me in discord. As for prices we can talk about it on the server.
@Torterra1111 @duck @Heskan

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@Dreadsyko how much for minigurrettas. and have they been rerolled

i bought them

Dread imma be on tomorrow

What about the m16?

What about it? @DeagleCo

Is it still available? If so what do you want for it? Also whats rerolled on it.

Which one @DeagleCo

Rifle without a scope

Sry wont make it the next days