Dual Mac 10s


I don’t think their op since I have aim with a rifle


Also quads aren’t that bad have you seen no brains shotguns, now those need nerfed


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Anyways this post is about mac-10s Overpowered/Balanced anyways so go away nerd unless you have something constructive to say about the post that’s relevant otherwise gtfo back to shitposting ty ty


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I don’t think their op since I have aim with a rifle

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I think that you both need to remember that this forum post was about discussing Dual Mac 10s, not about saying who plays more on the server. I’ll open a bit later.

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Sneaky reopening it at this time but I like it, but yeah, find that most people that complain about dual macs r the ones that don’t have them and can’t afford them. Just grind. Play-to-win.


I own a pair now, so I can chime in with experience.

Are people seriously defending the current state of the Dual Mac10s? They are actually insane and extremely easy to use.

For example, I gunned down 3 players in seconds today without even needing to try more than aiming at their body, and none of them could react in time.

They are less useful at range, but they are still able to do a decent amount of damage. They need nerfed.


wasn’t meant to be sneaky, more that I remember i shut it and had to re-open it.


To be fair I tried them once and I died instantly I guess I’m not good with em


The Dual macs are Very strong in their current state. Before they were INSAINE as they had a lot more accuracy compared to what they had before.

I would suggest a FR reduction/Damage reduction OR a range nerf as they are suppose to be close range killers.

Im leaning to a slight DMG reduce.


I won’t say they’re not op but like insert said, they were much more broken before the Nerf, me personally I have a pair but I don’t really use them, it eats ammo with too much ease.

On the subject of nerfing them again, for me at least making them a more close range type gun was enough to make them balanced (in my opinion) maybe lowering the muzzle speed will make them more of a close quarters combat but anyway many people use shotguns and they kill you from farther away.


The speed they use ammo is enough tbh, like unless you have a plan on where you’re gonna go to get ammo under pressure then you won’t be using them long.


The issue is that one clip can wipe out multiple people very quickly. Mowing down 3 people while yawning is hardly skill-intensive.

Yes I know that Shotguns can as well, but that’s a topic that’s already been debated a lot. Shotguns need nerfed as well.