Earn 5 Free Lootboxes! (And a cool rank!)


Do These 15 need on the Server or on the Forum?


you need 15 days on the forums


Ok thx because on the Server I have 100+ hours so i asked


aw this is very cool


member and 5 loot boxes. Deal!


I’l loving the server - would like some sweet loot too!


The Votekick is cool but doesn’t do much Because Can join instandly again :frowning:


That’s cool yet votekick isn’t quite helpful.


Yeah, that AKA guy got kicked like 10 times in a row and just kept instantly rejoining. Any chance of like a 5 min cooldown on the votekick?


Yeet asfijsfjfajf


I have a 2 min read time but that’s not even true I’ve obviously had over an hour read time


It’s 2 hours
The time is in hours not minutes.


oh kewl I can be a member tommorow then


hey, thats pretty good


Very cool :smiley:


like this reply plz so i can get member

edit thanks nick


Yay I haz member


Very nice.

(Someone like this <3)


Get in there my son


I have a great day and I will be a good time to get the same as the one I have a great day Android