Earn 5 Free Lootboxes! (And a cool rank!)


ok, thx for the info


well, there starts my first reply :smiley:


I have been playing for over 100 hours now and have only just got on the forums. What was i doing.


playing the game


cool way of getting better equipment


Feels good man


Where is my instructions?


You haven’t received a like yet my friend.


Merry Christmas, a like!


Awwwww. Gay.


Awwwww thanks


love you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


@meharryp I have done all of this tho i have not recieved a message


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Well you are Member, so you should get a PM from Harry saying “grats on member blah blah blah” and there should be a code you can redeem on the server


I mean lvl 2 memeber


Im lvl 1 atm i think ill check


Oh wait sorry harry im trust lvl 2 ekks dee


Like so i get lvl 2 pls!


i like that