Easter 2020 arrives!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Harry’sMod Easter event!

To celebrate the week that we eat our own bodyweight in chocolate, the eggs have made their return for a month from today. Just like last year, we will be giving away some cool exotics/VIP+/VIP to winners who collect eggs! 1 egg = 1 entry in the draw, and at the end of the event I’ll reveal who gets what.

Prizes include:

  • VIP+ for a month
  • VIP
  • 25k Scrap
  • an exotic of your choice (must be an obtainable one)

For anyone wondering, the egg count was reset today (it was mistakenly left in for the wrong date) so you should be able to start collecting from now! Please ping myself if you find maps without egg spawns.

Obligatory sale
Since everyone is in lockdown we’re extending the length of the easter sale to last until the lockdown ends in the UK! Get your self-isolation scrap today! https://harry.gg/store

Staff update

2 x new staff will be appointed soon following several retirements of late. This opens up 3 slots for Helper/Trial-staff. If you are interested, please PM the ttt-staff group and explain what would make you suitable for the role.

CM Update

Yes, sadly I’m still here.

Upcoming events

We will be holding a birthday event in July as normal. Charity Bundle #2 is pretty much ready to launch, we have though decided to delay this for the time being due to the current situation.

Hat contest #2 has had quite a low turnout so this has been extended through to end of April - get creating!

There are a number of other events/projects in the pipeline - keep an eye out for further info!

Inserts Bit
Due to uni timings and corona virus (im ok), i took a step back for events. Hopefully with the free time i will get soon i can host more and try keep up with the server.
Compeitive TTT Will return later.

And finally, as always, comments are welcome.

Edit: Whip is a moron


I wish kinder suprise eggs would take note of harry’s mod and include guns in them


Then they would no longer be banned in America


weeeeeeeeeeee no egg gun : (


Yes i agree with the edit.





Easter is a religious holiday and Chapel is cancelled due to Covid-19.

Delete this or I will sue.


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