Emoji Contest Winners

Hello folks! The winners of the Emoji Contest have been decided, and they will be listed below! Scrap prizes will be given out at a later date.

Minecraft Emoji

There were only 2 entries. The winner is…

Assassin, with his Minecraft dirt block. Exciting stuff. Koceln takes second place by default.

Scrap Emojis

Again, only 2 entries. The winner is…

Ok! With their scrap emoji, they managed to beat out Perskule with their scrap emoji. Very exciting. Perskule takes second place.

Edits Emoji

Another category with only 2.

Foster wins with his army of Harry emojis! They are both impressive and terrifying. Insert takes second place.

Cunt Emoji

Finally, a category with more than 2 candidates! There are some great entries here, but only one person can claim first place. And that is…

SilverFlaming! Short, sweet and to the point. Kudos to them for effectively calling others cunts. Perskule,
Charging Badger and ok are the runners-up because there’s literally no-one else.

Banhammer Emoji

Ah, I’ve been waiting for this one. Only 4 candidates for this category. But there were some great entries, and the winner is…

Vladimir! With his banhammer that looks straight out of a Soviet Union handbook. It shall be used to push this server’s communist-leanings even further. Charging Badger, Assassin and ok are the runners up.

And finally, the biggest category.

General Emoji

All emoji are in here, but who will win? It was close, but the winner is…


Foster! His army of Harry’s bring him to a second victory, and I’m still uncomfortable looking at them. Spondo, Countdown and Mane were the runners-up for this category, as to have a 4th runner-up would require choosing one at random from the next level of votes, which would be unfair…

Congrats to all who won! And my condolences to those who lost. But remember: there are more competitions on the way, and there is a Hat/Mask Creation Contest 2 coming soon…


Wait it was based on votes and not judges? Darn

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It was judges voting.

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My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined


ohhhh ok then

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