Event Suggestions Thread

Hey folks. So as you’ve noticed, CCX and I have ran a few events since we started being Community Managers, from giveaways to contests. Since the community takes part in the events, I think a place to suggest event ideas is a good thing. I’m open to all (reasonable) suggestions, and you can suggest anything that would work as an event!

We may run small event suggestions sooner than you might think, depending on timing and what is involved. Throw suggestions down below!


Compeitive TTT
Other gamemodes such as Minecraft minigames, Sandbox shenanagins, Best X thing.

Defo some creative events such as art contests or creativity things

It would just be shotgun+jetpack all day long


Who can go outside for the longest!


you also forgot to mention that every round for insert is competitive but yes I agree with you comrad

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How about making the egg gun unboxable for one week , like an egg rush event or something

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:frowning: There should be unique exotics that are only obtainable in one single way, so we can have mega buck items in the economy

So cherino event idea got added epic

An event where everyone has wall-, speed- and jumphacks

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Or an event where every gun has its damage buff taken x2 and made into a firerate buff

Or an ultra moonman event where everyone has 2x moonman

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who can be the most toxic
ill start by wasting time on writing a 2183 word long essay on why harrys mod sucks and rhys is around 1929832 by now (also happy burtdae rice)
a x2183 there is my essay


how about an event where prop speed is increased by 1000% and everyone gets moon gravity

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i cant think of any besides eggs

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Thats a nice idea! Or even better: this and only props do damage and there are 2 eextra props per player
Imagine this on bowling alley
It would be a fucking war
Ebic please add but with +100% speed instead of 1k

Sell yer arse ya rocket.

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No u

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Paddy? Is that you taking over PicksieSox’s Account?

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I’m furious