Everyone is doing this so I'm going to do it too

My name is Filip I’m 13 and I’m born on April 20 2007. Im a huge doom completionist I beat doom 2016 on the hardest difficulty but not all achievements on doom eternal I’m working the max difficulty run plus all trophys/achievements.
I think I almost have 666 hours on gmod.I was a moat player a rich guy I was one of the most luckiest players on the server but then the server reset all inv wiped and I said fuck you moat your staff is trash and I hope your burn In hell. Then I found Harry’smod the first guy I met was badger. In game I’m known as PapaGanoush. I like grindy games like wow swtor and I like gory games like GoW4 doom 2016 and doom eternal maximum action. So thas me.


9 likes and no one comment well Im first hahdhdhdhdhdhdhhdhdhdhdhheh

Welcomd back ganousj