Exotic idea :D

make a exotic that does no damage but does poison damage for 2 seconds , dealing 2.5 damage per second :slight_smile: open to suggestions on the damage rate but I think 2.5 is acceptable and not too broken

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Thatโ€™s kinda like burning ammo for ts. But yes itโ€™s not a bad idea

Some one suggested that it be made a t weapon , like have it shoot 2 bullets that do 80 dmg each for an easy 2 kills which sounded pretty good

How about a bowling ball launcher?. An exotic that launches a bowling ball out of the gun. How fast it comes out depends on the weapon of the gun. Deal normal prop damage (or half if changable depending on balance). Reduces mag size to between 1 to 3 depending on weapon. Has heavy gravity physics so it cant be shot down long corridors and the balls despawn after 3 seconds apon touching the floor as to not lag the server. Could be an attachment for shotguns

i have a idea as well.
litirally a exotic that when you shoot it.
it will kill the nearest person next to you if you can headshot.

Not gonna lie but thats a pretty bad idea. Way too powerful. 100% kill chance on almost every single weapon with no need to aim and for no downside whatsoever.