Exotic trade up rotation


So as you have probably seen there are LOTS of exotics on the market but only 3 different exotics are there-Super sawn off, duel macs and big bertha.This is because the trade ups available using these exotics lead to the least popular ones that are available to trade up to, the m3 garand and the panic pump-also big bertha is just shit so no one wants it.
The exotics that lead to vamperic deagle and warlord are quaddies,crowbars and tranq, which are all currently in low supply with high demand.My suggestion is that the exotic recipes for each trade up change every 2 months or so,that can be changed to a different time period, or they just change completely different and never again.This will give people who want to get warlord and vamperic deagle a chance to do so as the exotic recipes if changed would mean you would beable to use the exotics that are currently in high supply but low demand.This would also help balance out the incredibly large exotic number on the server which would benefit the economy as a whole.
Feel free to comment changes to my idea or explain to me why its shit so we can move on.