False Ban :( ty dakka

Bug description: Always when I join when an admin isn’t on there are a fuck ass ton of RDMers and they kill innocents, then I killed them for killing innocents and I end up as the one to be punished, I assume at least they were punished.
Steps to reproduce: Play when admins aren’t on.
Screenshots (If applicable): image

To set the scene: I played a few hours ago and was just waiting for T round, I finally got to T like 6-8 rounds later (meanwhile arguing with 2 braindead mass rdmers and shittalkers), was literally not doing ANYTHING the whole round, not a shot (except 1 missclick near the start I believe) and was later randomly RDMed. I can already say that I revenge rdmed the guy next round so I am willing to get punished for that. I was then playing like usual, and these two salty af rdming kids started rdming even more and shooting at people. They killed a person infront of me, round didn’t end (1 T was dead if I remember correctly and there were 9 players left, so 1 T left) so I killed the guy who got the final shot on the innocent and he was innocent as well, then I don’t remember how, but the round ended and because I had like 3 innocent kills (1 revenge rdm, 1 rdm self defense, 1 rdmer kill, maybe more I don’t remember) and I was banned for an hour (auto low karma ban). I returned in a few hours (now) and was shown the message above, thanks Dakka for ignoring my reports and not looking for context and just banning me. Real good staff work right there… :confused:

Also not true, by the way. The only times I “rdm” even though it’s not random deathmatch, it’s self defense or rdmer just killed / shot at someone. And this was the only time I had "rdm"d with an actual real RDM. So Dakka I don’t get why you claim that I “constantly mass rdm” when all my “rdms” are clearly justified (except for that one that I am willing to serve punishment for). I am willing to hear Dakkas response if someone can tag him or whatever. Thanks @Dakka <- ?


Also just wanna say this is fucking dumb as shit


comrad: haha funny joke this guy that i hate and i cant grow up and deal with an old situation is banned on my server that is extremely corrupt and constantly hoarded by mass rdmers ruining the server for everyone haha but this is funny right everyone

Again: Holy shit please fuck off

my post, or the rdming shit that goes on every day when admins arent on?

or both :confused:

Your response really just proves my point


If mass RDMers are so prevalent constantly, MAKE PLAYER REPORTS WITH EVIDENCE


i just realized what you meant

the audacity to call this a bug report fucking lmao


are you fucking serious? did dakka even read my reports? i explained the situation IN DETAIL in the reports (maybe not all because i was so fucking fed up with it near the end) and he didnt seem to care

nigga i dont have access to ban appeal if there even is one fucking nuthead

@RhysRaptor hapie borthdae

and your point is - that your server is becoming even more shit, and has, since the last time? except for those times when an admin is on (yet rdmers still join constantly)?

You uh…you make a pm to the TTT-Staff group…it’s literally written in multiple places on the forums, including in the rules

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just gonna go ahead and say “lol”


so youre hiding ban appeals because you dont want to deal with peoples shit? most other forums (in fact all besides this one) make a forum dedicated to appeals, so why the hell does this one feel special enough to make it complicated where it doesnt need to be?

Who do I have the “I’m a twat role” and this cunt doesn’t

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Because ban appeals would be open the public you fucking dingbat. We’d need Harry to make significant modifications for it, and it works fine as is. Just cause you can’t read.

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