FingerBlaster9000 Ban Appeal


who banned you: Obama Lhama

the reason you were banned for: “Ghosting”

the time you were banned (date/time): 1/26/2019 7-7:30 Central

screenshot of the ban message:


Are you saying you weren’t ghosting? I was killed by a player named Hudzson who claims that his friend told him that I was the traitor. I had not moved a single bit or shot at all that round as I was in my inventory. At 16 seconds into the game, the only person who could have known that I was the traitor was my own t buddy (You). That is why you were banned for ghosting.


I can assure you I was not ghosting. I don’t know that guy. I promise. I’m a vip. I follow the rules


Being vip doesn’t mean you can break the rules.


Can you prove you have no connection to him?
Right now it looks super ghosting to me. You need to show how A. you cant of known him and B. prove his report was dumb.

As aldron says. we have banned VIP’s before


No, you should be proving that they have a relation. You can’t just ban someone; then make them prove they’re innocent. Honestly there’s no evidence supplied here that FingerBlaster did anything wrong; you’ve just assumed that they had a relation based on one reply by a new player.
That’s not how it works, find some evidence or unban him.


Apologies, I made a few mistakes here. I’ve unbanned you now.

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