Free Exotic Attachment (2021)

Hi Everyone,

Once again, we have a competition for y’all - we’re giving away 1 Exotic attachment (winner can choose any of the existing exotics, excluding abuse guns - don’t even ask for them). All you need to do is like this post to be in with a chance. I’ll pick a winner via a random number generator on 1st Jan. Note, if the winner is banned (this has happened before), I will re-roll the draw.

Good Luck!
-dead emo pigeon/Novacide

Edit: if you’d like to check if your preferred prize is/isn’t abuse, please DM me.

  • become admin

  • do your job properly until the 1st

  • ban all the partecipants in this forum thread

  • ez win



  1. -1 to your admin application
  2. cope more

Finally, I’m getting the Halloween jest attachment

lets give it a try

edit: i swear im not banned 🥲

ulx playsound honkfixed.wav
ulx playsound honkfixed.wav
ulx playsound honkfixed.wav
ulx playsound honkfixed.wav

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All praise lord and pigeon master

dakkas mom is actually a barn

happy holdiays

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Fkskfjvjdjfkckdkmekgkskentkfke egg m16 sounding real sexy rn, but Halloween jest sounding sexier

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I like to enter for communism and a sandwich


Max action

Ys iwant fre stuf

You’ve got enough :joy:

Me want the

Someone here will ask for Big Iron as their exotic
Ban Them

It would be terrible if the winner didnt ask for something better such as duck gun

Oh no, anyway

i exist here

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