Funny but not funny shitposting


So I was playing a different game on my ps4 today and was making a character. I named him TCGmc like I usually do but for some reason it didn’t save that and used the name Tchaikovsky. I thought that was funny and decided to keep that character. And btw I don’t know if talking about another game like this is allowed but if it isn’t. Please give me some slack. Again thanks. But yeah thought that was funny. And imma change my steam name to that as well when I rejoin.


Post a ban appeal when you feel ready.


You joking or being serious lol. With you I can never tell the difference paddy.


No TCG. Talking about other games here is illegal and will result in a perm ban.


Ahh. Ok well, I really didn’t really know. But I didn’t really give a name of the game either. But won’t happen again.


(You’re allowed to discuss other games. They’re taking the piss)

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Ahhh ok well thank you for the heads up.


Sry had to take the chance :]


Post a ban appeal when you feel ready.




I’m furious.

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