FuSe Omega's Official Full Trading List

First off, I intend on updating this as I obtain items. I play quite a lot, so expect this post to be edited a lot as I find items I want and get items I don’t want. Also, I only play on main, I will sell anything in my genesis inventory for main things.
To start out, I don’t intend on trading any of my exotics!

(For Clarification, I have these exotics:
Shotty Sniper
Double Crowbars
Vampiric Investigator
Silencer x2 )
Super Sawn-off
Experimental MP5’s
Vamp Deagle
Sniper Shotty
Dual Huges

What do I have for sale/trade right now? Nothing, Traded everything

My Current Scrap Count: 935

What am I looking to buy?
Mostly any exotic I don’t own
Tigerand: If I have scrap, i’d want to pay around 30-50k, but the amount is negotiable
Big Bertha: 30k, or 2 Legendaries of your choice, or 5 Purples of your choice
Moonman: I don’t particularly want a Moonman atm, so I will only pay the value that its worth if I have the money at the time.
Stable Essence: I will buy essence if you will sell it for any price below 40k.
Goose Gun: I will overpay for goose gun in items or scrap if I have enough.
Tranq Rifle: I will overpay for it in items or scrap if I have scrap.
Dual Exotic’s: Depending on the weapons, anywhere from 30k to 150k
M3 Garand: 30-50k scrap or any legendaries/purples overpaying in value.

Any offers, questions, concerns, or general pricing of items can be asked down below in the comments!

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