FuSe's Genesis Balance Change Suggestions #1

Hello everyone, as I’m sure you are aware, the balancing on genesis is broken. If you think otherwise, you are wrong and simply haven’t seen what some guns are capable of. With exotic stacking recently being removed, balancing is much better, but it’s still in a rough spot. I’ll be posting my suggested list of changes here, as well as listening to some feedback to add things to this list, so please debate with me in the comments. However I’m gonna set a base rule.
ANY comment including insulting/berating of another player will result in a report to staff, and anything severe will be instantly punished. Be nice, be Critical, and Don’t be an asshole.

  1. The Big Iron has been one of my most vocal concerns for balancing. It shouldn’t exist. I mean, it’s braindead easy to use, Long ranged, Oneshots, and the “detriment” isn’t even detrimental, it’s just annoying. The reload speed can be outright nullified with high enough levels of reload speed attachments, and making any gun thats easy to obtain have an easy 1 tap chest method is awful game balancing and should be removed. Whether you want to admit it or not, Big Iron is one of the more common exotics out there. As of speaking, I currently have 26 Big Irons in my inventory at level 214. Think about that. 26… I don’t even collect them, I just happened to gain this many… Instead, I suggest a rework for it:
    Remove the Onetap feature, instead, make it boost the speed at which the weapon draws, to make it like a quickdraw revolver, and buff the damage slightly (5% or so) and the firerate for the first few seconds it’s deployed by a certain percent (enough to make it shoot fast, but not fast enough to be unreactable). This will make it more like a big iron, instead of making it like a fucking awp.

  2. Core gun balancing is shit. Shotguns are fine. Snipers should never be able to one tap chest. Smg’s shouldn’t either be awful or broken. And what the fuck even is the m16. Nerf the m16 firerate, it shouldn’t put out more dps than a mac-10 point blank as an AR. Make draw speed’s more applicable on guns, for example snipers and Ar’s should have a longer deploy time, whereas Smg’s could stay as is or take a slight buff to the deploy speed, and pistols would automatically have the highest depoyal speed, similar to how the cupid bullets deploy speed is now. Nerf the Kriss’s DPS by either adding more recoil to it, lowering the damage slightly, or nerfing the firerate. I recommend lowering the damage by 1, as that would take a super high level kriss from 4 tapping chest to 5 tap, significantly changing ttk. Mac-10 could use a slight buff to it’s accuracy, but not by much. Aug could probably use a nerf, although admittedly I don’t know what to nerf. The dps atm is really high, so the firerate could probably be due to be knocked down a few notches to make it more of a long range tap firey type of gun.

  3. Fix and slightly rework Cupid Bullets. Remove the deploy speed buff to be in-line with the 2nd suggested change, and make it function. As it is now, it doesn’t function. Also remove the 25% execute thing, that is stupid and would be really strong if the cupid bullets actually functioned.

  4. Remove the ability to put super bullets on primaries. As it stands, I’m certain people would whine because “oh no super bullets got nerfed again ;-;” but thing’s like the AMR + Super Bullets prove that super bullets were an awful idea to be put into genesis constantly. Instead, limit them only to the judge or sawn-off, and keep the core stats of them as is, or lower the damage propulsion slightly, to make them a short range mobility option instead of a “Fuck you I’m flying around the entire world in one magazine bitch” option.

  5. Set more caps on guns. Most gun’s have an absurdly high damage or firerate cap, and allows you to break them far too easily. A good example of this is thing’s like the infamous 2 tap m16. That shouldn’t exist, that shit is broken as fuck. My suggestion would be a category based system, where AR’s would have a set limit for each stat, SMG’s would have a set limit, etc etc. This would limit the building of just huge damage and firerate builds, and instead encourage more creative and fun builds that work around the weapons design, instead of the meta just being “slap high cal and magnum and overgassed on it and its all good to go”.

PLs no more nerfind of superbullets

why? they are blatantly overpowered as is. AMR super bullets literally lets you fly across an entire map in 1-2 shots.

  1. big iron isn’t such a good attachment
    (Or we would see it on every secondary like the old Bertha + big iron)

  2. the m16 has shit base firerate and you can achieve an higher dps only if you have high overgassed or light bolt (and even there, the kriss vector and the MP5) out dps the m16.

  3. super bullets are fine as they are right now, they provide good mobility without being able to fly indefinitely. You only get 2 bullets each reload ( so you can only kill 1 person per la reload at best)

I agree some weapons are busted but there aren’t the main problem for the server.

The most busted weapons are the following in my opinion:

  • 1 tap torso S&W without BIGIRON
    ( leech + 2 DMG attachment + gambler)

You can have a big iron without the reload de buff, heal on shot and due to a bug it’s somewhat silenced.

  • m45 pistol
    ( 2 dmg attachments + gambler)

You can 2 tap torso ANYONE. Got 7 shots and it’s silenced, you can replace a fire rate attach with leech for infinite ammo too.

  • any sniper with at least 70-80 plus damage per shot
    (You can make a tranquilizer 2 shot machine with the scout or a 2 shot high fire rate with the SG550)

  • leech + accuracy attach on sawed off
    (Anyone who has seen mine in action knows what I’m talking about, you can keep on shooting and healing off all the damage you recive)