FuSe's Master Guide to Hmod (Wip)

Howdy, this is a little guide I am making filled with general pro-tips to help you gain any advantage you can over your fellow terrorists! I’ll also be making this as my ultimate guide to all things Hmod. Should you find any, and I truly mean ANY information that you think is worth adding, please comment below.

First off. Important forum links to useful things

Useful Console Commands:

This lets you bind keys to say ttt radio commands in chat. Examples: “(Username) is a Traitor!” “(Username) acts suspicious.”

Exact command: bind “[key]” “ttt_radio [message]”

Here’s a list of what all you can do with this (I swiped this from Paddy, credits to him)

Bind Name Output
ttt_radio yes Yes.
ttt_radio no No.
ttt_radio help Help!
ttt_radio imwith I’m with Player Name
ttt_radio see I see Player Name
ttt_radio traitor Player Name is a traitor!
ttt_radio suspect Player Name acts suspicious.
ttt_radio check Anyone still alive?

The Crosshair:

You can edit your crosshair via 3 different commands.

The commands to change the crosshair are the following: (Credits to badger for these)

  • ttt_disable_crosshair (default 0) | Lets you disable the crosshair.
  • ttt_crosshair_brightness (default 1) | This command explains itself, it lets you change the brightness of the crosshair. Anything above 1 will be full brightness and 0 and downwards will be whole black.
  • ttt_crosshair_size (default 1) | This command lets you change the length of the crosshair “lines”. It also accepts negative values, which lets you make the line inwards. What I personally like with it, is that it lets your crosshair be like a + so you can aim better at longer distances.


You can enable or disable all PAC content, PAC being an addon used for hats and masks. This will allow you to hide the physical model for hats/masks

Command: pac_enable (Default is 1, 0 disables hats/masks)

More coming soon!

A basic understanding of the inventory

  • Scrap weapons and attachments you are not going to use
  • Check the attachment count of blue weapons you sometimes get 3 slots
  • Check the level of the attachments 90-100 fetch ok scrap dependant on the attachment

I am already pro tho

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