Genesis - Launch Day!

Hi Everyone! Today’s the day that we launch Genesis, the newest TTT server by yours truly. Myself and Ivan have spent a lot of time on this new project, tweaking little bits etc. and today is the day that we launch!

What is Genesis?

Genesis is an expansion on the ideas of the Main server - with an entirely new spin on weapons and stats. Features include:

  • All-new weapon types, including the AA-12
  • Completely reworked stats system- guns now gain stats from equipping them with attachments which can be added and removed as you like.
  • all-new weapon balancing and greater control over the abilities (making it easier to curb crotch rockets)
  • New T/D items, such as the Welrod T weapon
  • A different map pool from main (and MC lmao), including some long time faves from Main and some new locales. All maps include event spawns from the beginning as well!
  • Skins and Hats from Main are still here, but there are new guns for you creatives out there! Ask me or Rhys for the models if you are interested.

What about Main?

it’s not going anywhere, Genesis is a separate server. Your inventories will still exist as they are now. Genesis has it’s own unique items/inventory.

Do I have to buy VIP/VIP+ again?

No, you don’t! You will retain any rank (Member/VIP/VIP+) on both servers. You will not gain any scrap you bought in the past, but going forwards buying scrap will give you it on both gen

Are you looking for new staff?

The staff team remains unchanged (who threw that?) , they will staff both Genesis and Main as normal. However, we may wish to expand at a later time. We will announce this separately as required.

I am banned and want to play on this new server, what do I do?

Make an appeal using the following template: How to appeal your ban!

We get notified of your request and respond. Please note that not all ban appeals will be successful

I have a specific question that wasn’t answered here, what do I do?

You can PM Harry or Ivan on here/Discord if you have questions about Genesis. Don’t expect an immediate response as we are all busy with the launch!


This is a pretty sex moment


cummy moment

Expect a lot of changes early in on, the balance is going to be a bit fucked up


Nice :ok_hand:

Dick, hard.

Anything Ivan balances will be undone by me as I strive to make the server a shithole and ruin the weapon balance. I will do the opposite of what he does.


oh boy oh boy can’t wait to put infinite attachments on my guns :100: :ok_hand:

Happy Birthday harrymod


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Take this down it’s offensive. Keith.

whens harryrp coming out :smiley:

so it’s already available? if so, how can I join?

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yes i agree but i need scrap and weapons


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