Genesis Tranq rifle - suggestions

I’ve seen a lot of comments about this being pretty terrible, so please add your suggestions for making it better below. Cheers. (I will add decent ones for the next patch)

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HEllo Mr Duck or whatever,
Please make Tranq better by making it silenced like that one guy I forgot the name of said with the M24 (I think) sound. or make it have the hold trigger effect like on main.
but both would be a bit op with all the attachments
so I would say just make it Silenced, and reduce the damage a bit (maybe 5% or 10)
Tranq Rifle Lover 204

Simple, delete genesis

Yeah, very simple


Best idea for the tranq is having it to apply slow and silence weapons, that would open more stealth oriented play styles without an op change

Ah quick addition, 20% isn’t so much of a slow since you can counter this with a single hat or mask with speed boost

Crank it up to 30%

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