Genunie question

How many people would want compeitive TTT to return?

i stop running it when turn out began to be really low. I think i may ask before i do so again

Ya all smell btw lmao

Compeitive ttt rebirth?

  • Yes
  • No

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if you have other ideas for hosting let me know.




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2 thinkg:

  1. genunie
  2. server activated events that dont needs mods and cms to be run using commands (bullettime using timescale, spawning santas on people ect ect)
    three: nerd
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i joined once but all the other times i keep forgetting about it :slight_smile: but that one time i had a lot of fun:))))))))))))))

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aye, I would be up fir it

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Hide and seek sunday (sorry necro but hide and seek sunday)

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Here’s a tip:
When explaining rules etc, mute everyone.
Extremely difficult to hear what’s going on when 10 people micspam and characters coughing.


Yes, Hide and seek sunday (or other day)

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