Get 3 cool exotics and give money to charity!

Hey so as we all know the community of this server sucks ass and is cancer, so I’m doing something to hopefully counter this shit.

Introducing charity exotics!

Charity exotics are new (limited time only) exotics that aren’t really that strong but do cool shit or are too unique to be put in lootboxes, but are instead sold in the store, with all the profits going to charities (more on those later)

What are the new exotics?

The Annoyer - A stupidly fast crowbar that deals very little damage, but it’s great for crude drawings or words!
SniperGun550 - A SG550, dealing low damage at close range but much higher damage at long range.
Berserker - A very very fast firing glock which empties out it’s 45 round magazine all at once!

Cool, where’s the money going?

I thought it would be poetic to donate to causes that directly affect the server:

Cancer Research UK (https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/)

This server is cancer. Cancer Research UK are working to cure cancer. I see this as only a net positive.

Mermaids (https://www.mermaidsuk.org.uk/)

Mermaids help trans youth get the help they really really need in the most important years. Since quite a few people in this server seem to really hate LGBTQ+ shit, this is sure to piss those guys off and raise money for a really good cause!

YoungMinds (https://youngminds.org.uk/)

This was originally going to be an autism charity because I wanted to make a joke about everyone on this server being autistic but I couldn’t really find any charities that were outstanding, so instead I picked a really good mental health charity specifically targeting young people.

Each exotic bundle will cost £7 each. £6 of each purchase goes to the charities (£2 each), the rest mostly is PayPal fees.

We’ll only be selling these for a month and there’s no guarantee any of these will ever come up for sale again, so buy them while you can!



No AIDS charity smh

Sounds Nice.

SMH your a jewish server and dont have a link to help our religious playerbase who we totaly agree is the server.


but for real this is nice, Might donate

oh man that lgbt charity really rustled my jimmies

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Hmm, finally a good reason to actually spend money on this server.


He doesn’t know forsenE


Cool Concept, but sucks that I’m poor boi

same, will be working soon though so you never know

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This is awesome, A+

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