Get rid of secondary ammo

Ammo is a really, really big problem when the server has more than 16 players because maps really aren’t designed for it. So instead of doing something sloppy like spawning more ammo, putting more ammo in boxes and stuff, why not just remove the need for ammo altogether? You’ll obviously still need to reload so counting bullets will still factor in but does extra ammo really affect gameplay that much? I want to hear feedback from you guys since this is a pretty big change to a core TTT mechanic.


Don’t see any negatives to this being pushed. Go for it.

hard to say. i would like the idea

if you add that idea make a weapon buff that stops the need for reloading (kinda like quake), but if that buff gets added it needs to be really rare and not appear on a shotgun

The H.U.G.E will still be useless…

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quite like the sound of this, maps like airbus are like the hunger games where everyone has to scramble for ammo so yea i think this is a great idea, not to mention a boost to performance for the server cus yknow less entities


keep the ammo around the map as it is. but when you spawn in you have a full clip and a 2 spear in reserve. meaning the ammo around the map still serves a purpose but it is not needed as much.

2 spears as a reserve??? is that a new t weapons? thats cool

Yea man, you hurl it at innocents and they die instantly.

spare you dick weed

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Assuming this is like how overwatch is, then Yes this sounds amazing.

Sounds like a good idea.

I personally hate having to scramble Ammo on some maps - I see no issues with this

what about the Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge?

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a: what about the huge, B: This seems fun and good, and it’ll make playing a lot easier. C: what about T weapons

I’m a bit 50/50 on this. a plus is that all ammo would be removed I assume? which could possibly fix the fps a bit, which is good. But what I do like more is what foster mentioned, what if people just spawns with full mag, plus the 2 extra? I’m just imagining people spraying on walls, or randomfiring without having to worry about the ammo if it’s infinte.

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It does change the gameplay element a bit. Not having to worry about Ammo would mean that both teams would feel inclined to be more trigger happy, and Traitors would not have to worry about being careful about what gun they’re using etc.

It would be good for reducing FPS (I assume?) But as Aldron said, people could just random fire all of the time, and also having the extra clip size would have another clear advantage.


While the server does already get rid of a quite big part of TTT, that is searching for weapons. I think ammo should still be needed.



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