Giveaway and ducklord's fate

The giveaway winners will be announced and if they are not already in the duck discord they will be privately invited.
Ducklord’s Fate
Duck lord’s execution will be done by Cpt. Vagan on the server if possible and will be recorded. Unfortunately due to an ongoing internal dispute it has had to be delayed.
Duck Coin
The first duck coin has been minted and will be given to the secondary winner of the giveaway when it is announced.


Pls invite me to the duckcords and when is the date of execution?

i don’t think vagans going to execute me or could if he tried. if he agrees though i’ll happily participate though as i’m curious as to his power.

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Oh boi will your brain be terminated

i listen to duck noises through discord for hours while playing gmod on high volume. we’ll see :slight_smile:

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You are not prepared…


but the true question will be can all the ducks gather all the infinity harrymod stones to save the world and earn praise from the duck god?


you made sure to give me one and i appreciate it.

what i need next is a leg bull, fr, dmg spaz

I’m in the the giveaway btw

how get in duckcord

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join the giveaway

I want ot join

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