Giveaway winners

You get to choose a gun. @ me and say the gun you want you can have mac10 shotgun or meme boy p90. P90 is a legendary corrupted with +acc +fr +recoil with -dmg so it needs tracking and is good at killing people with augs and other mental illnesses. Mac 10 is standard mac 10 for fucking tryhard little shits with +fr +clip +dmg (almost max dmg woo but only 70% fr but has no re roll so feel free to do that if ya want ) rhys left so i can giveaway his shit guns l0l jk no ban. Finally is legendary shotgun with +dmg +bullets and +fr with all stats almost at max except dmg ( only 35%)but just get gambler you fuckin tryhard.

Du©koins: a serial number will be given to each of the du©koin winnners
By far most valuable thing to be won so if you win one keep it safe. Also goes up in value by 3% every week it is not redeemed but if a dukoin is called upon for it to be redeemed and nobody redeems them within a week all dukoins will be terminated and given to new people who can then redeem them.
Winners, you will be @d when your duckoins are redeem able but in most cases only one will be redeemable at a time so be ready as the first person (with a du©koin) to reply/message me with its serial number will get it
How to redeem a dukoin:
When I announce that however many dukoins can be redeemed the first person to send a valid duckoins serial number to me will be issued its reward.

Dukoins can be traded and anyone can redeem them with the right serial number.
There are no set times for when dukoins can be redeemed but it will be announced in the duck and harry(dave) discord when they can be.

Winner gun is: @okok
Winner du©koin is: @DarkWingCuck
Winner du©koin 2 is: @DeagleCo
You have all been invited to the du©kord if you are not already in it.


Quack Quack, i have been rewarded for paying off your debts

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ill pm your duckoin

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@DeagleCo quack, I’ll trade you a loaf of bread for your duck coin

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Where can i join duckcords???

one man cannot have more than one duckoins it is too powerful you will melt

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if this goes well and the duckoins get redeemed new ones will be issued to people

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holy shit wow id like to thank my parents an

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is the shotgun the lucile i sold you lol

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Can we mine duck coin