Giving away a weapon {CONCLUDED}

so I hopped on today and played for like 2 rounds and saw I had a bunch of good weapons so I decided to give away a legendary AK47 with firerate reload time and damage , to enter you have to do 2 simple thing ,

  1. Like this post
  2. Simply explain why you should win the ak
    This is not going to be a random giveaway because fuck rng , I’m going to simply pick the person with the best reason in my opinion.
    DISCLAIMER : If I dont see a good enough reason / not enough people join the giveaway (I doubt thats gonna happen) there won’t be any winner at all.

Because I am very epic.
I def wont spank you.
we broke the rules of moat together

  1. I need more Dakka to live up to my name,
  2. Im in Garod(I know that’s a shit reason)
  3. I will whip muffin 100 times with 1 dmg
  4. Sosig

Why not? .


I hate you and that’s reason enough.

Also, sosig


I will give it to lazy engineer.

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My fellow gamer i should get the ak bc of the following:
-i have reached the maximum amount of pp points
-i love ak’s


-im broke af


first reason: i speek dutch
third reason : you are very cool and i love ak’s with dmg and fr


I’m also gonna give scrap as compensation prize for people that didnt win but could have won

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Because I’m bad at the game and have no variety weapons(only shotguns and mp5s pretty much)


Because the panzerkampfwagen vi tiger 1 is the best german tank, it competes with the panzerkampfwagen V panther though, however, it is a panzerkampfwagen IV but with increased armour and firepower, but is still no match for the hordes of russian T-34’s

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Hi Im insert and i would like the gun as AK47’s are cool

Also Heavy Metal Music is fucking hardcord and sick AF


Because I enjoy a variety of actual good music, and will willingly list my favourite songs here, along with a brief detail as to why:

Twist - Korn

Because nothing brings me closer to an orgasm than Jonathan Davis scatting.

Sugar - System of a Down

Because I love how the vocals are used in a way not seem normally, while it still stays true to a traditional shouty metal song.

Get this - Slipknot

Because I am a big fan of Corey Taylor and his ability to manipulate his voice in a way that makes him stand out, yet also fit in to most genres if he tries, as demonstrated in this screamy metal song.

Dead memories - Slipknot

Because I fucking love it, the lyrics stick in your brain like the glue I sniffed too hard once, and the guitar is especially badass in this one.

Duality - Slipknot

Not only do I love the range of vocal talent Corey Taylor shows off in this hit, but also the fact that Clown smacking a metal barrel with his signature baseball bat not only fits in the song perfectly but also sounds strangely satisfying.

A little piece of heaven - Avenged Sevenfold

Because this is a song about a necrophile who kills his fiance after he is worried that she will reject his marriage proposal in order to constantly be able to fuck her, only for her rotting corpse to come back from the grave and kill him, and then them both go on a killing spree whilst dead resulting in them being married as zombie-like beings. Need I say more?

Fucked with an anchor - Alestorm

It’s a song written with insults, the main one being, unsurprisingly, fucking someone up the arse using an anchor.

All out life - Slipknot

Because I’m hyped for the new album and it was a brilliant teaser song.

Jujitsu - Lost in the Summer

Because I wrote and performed this song to a few friends along with my ‘band’ whilst possibly under the influence of something and it was fun. (no, you can’t find it anywhere, and I don’t plan on giving anyone access to the video any time soon).

Happy song - Bring me the Horizon

Because it’s just a good fucking song.

Wonderful life - Bring me the Horizon

I just love how insanely British Oliver Sykes’ pronunciation of the lyrics are.

I hope you enjoyed my list. No, this is not it, I have barely even scratched the surface, but I didn’t want to overstay my welcome so I cut it short here.



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I should win the AK47 because:

Assuming letters are equal to the number that represents the number, AK47 = 1x11x47. This equals 517. 517/25.32 = 20.4, roughly, which is close to my age. Therefore I deserve to win it.


Because I’m banned for 3 weeks


I need non corrupted guns

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Cause uh uh umm man my brain Don work now army is in my ass.


Because I have literally nothing in my inventory.



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Because I personally feel like I have tried my best to help you and everyone around whenever I can (ingame and with personal stuff) and yeahh I could appriciate something. But if I don’t win then it is cool too. As long as people are happy :slight_smile: