Guide: How to spot a jetpack

I’ve seen lots of confusion in game relating to jet packs amongst new players. Hopefully i help you with spotting jet packs versus other methods of flying in-game.

Its important you know the different methods of flying on the server so you know what to look for.

Jet packs are a Traitor and Detective utility that can be bought in the buy menu for that round. The jet pack negates all fall damage and has a limited capacity that only recharges when you are on the ground. Jet packs also play the “i believe i can fly” song when the person is above certain height (though sometimes this doesnt happen). There is no way to disable the jetpack so if someone has one and they jump, you will see them fly upwards quite quickly.

Moon man is an exotic hat that allows you to glide downwards at a slower rate than normal. Fall damage is still taken with moon man if you fall from a large enough height.

The Super Sawed Off is another exotic that allows you to fly. If you aim it at the ground and fire you will be launched in the opposite direction. This is often used with the moon man hat to allow longer flight.

Other things that might be confused for a jet pack are when someone is pushed with a fast crowbar after jumping and being launched by a ladder or T-trap.

If you suspect a non detective player may have a jet pack first ask them to jump a few times. If they have a jet pack it will be obvious, they will jump higher and faster than a person with no jet pack. If they refuse you can put a sus on them, usually an innocent will just jump though. IF they have a moon man hat they will fall slowly (if they have both jet pack and moon man you will have to look closely at the speed which they go up). Dont kill anyone from this sort of test if you are unsure about if they have a jetpack.

If they are far from you or you cannot ask you should look for certain key things, someone with a moon man hat will fall slowly and can take fall damage if they are high enough, if they have a jet pack they wont take fall damage at all.

If someone is using a super sawed off they will keep it in their hand so they can fire a shot before landing so they dont die from falling when they land. If they are using a sawed off and moon man they will have alot less directional control than with a jetpack unless they use a sawed off shot to change direction.

If you hear the song play when a non detective is in the air they may be a T, or there might be other people flying around you. Make sure you know where the sound is coming from if you are using the song to figure out if the person has a jet pack.

Just a general reminder to newer players, it is better to not get a kill at all than to rush to conclusions and accidentally rdm. Listen out for KOS call outs and look at the chat box.

I just got kinda bored and made this but maybe you have some tips for newer players about game play. Feel free to make your own guides cos im not gonna lie, some of you are kinda retarded and need a little help.


Thank you for this i think new players need this quite much!
Also someone pls sell me a super sawn oof i pay well

Stop asking for a fucking sawed off in every thread

Ok sorry im just a bit desperate

Something I feel like I should point out is that airstrafing (using the left/right movement keys in combination with moving the mouse left/right respectively) can also be used to change direction when using the Super Sawed-Off/Moonman combo to fly around, so you don’t need the Super Sawed-Off exclusively to be able to change direction.


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