Halloween 2020 arrives!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the 4th Annual HarrysMod Halloween event! You’ll be pleased to know that the pumpkins make a welcome return to maps everywhere as of today. Not only have we got better scrap rewards, a load of new tricks are also in play this year. I’m not going to reveal any more than that, other than ‘haha that’s amazing’ was one comment in the staff channel.

Store Sale

There’s also a sale on this month at the HarrysMod store, if you haven’t already picked up VIP now is a great time! There’s also a special offer on VIP+ memberships. Check out the store for more info: https://harry.gg/store

Other shit

Unbelieveably, we are already working on new stuff for the Christmas event beginning on 1st December. There will be an announcement closer to the time explaining what changes/additions are in play.

Yeah, this update’s a bit of a small one but some rather large things are rumbling on in the background - stay tuned for updates in the not too distant future. As always, comments and insults are welcomed below. Also, shoot me a DM if you see a pumpkin out of bounds on a map - still getting these once in a while.


CCX’s intelligence is lower thans harrys.

Insult or comment is up to you

Also pog


also the sale is on again please buy things so i can buy food ty


Nice now tit mouse won’t complain on fourms

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Daddy cm team feeds us with updates again uwu

I write all of these posts because Harry is lazy


Ahh yes I see now

Sick, cant wait to see all of the new effects

Stop flagging posts on here ffs

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Since I stepped down, CCX has had to work. For just £5 a month, you can get someone to write posts instead of CCX.

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+1 great suggestion


Pumpkins are back? Guess we’ll see nobrain again.
Also, if this gets too spooky, I won’t join.

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he literally joined last night lmfao

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