Halloween 2021!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the 5th Annual HarrysMod Halloween event! You’ll be pleased to know that the pumpkins make a welcome return to maps everywhere as of today (until 1st Nov, as always). Whilst this is a smaller patch than other events, we still have some new secret stuff. As is traditional, some new tricks have also been put in place, some of which are absolutely not broken…

Seasonal Maps

This is something Rhys came up with, the map pool has some special themed additions for this month (both servers). We’ll be doing the same from now on for events.

Recent Patch

This is the latest patch: Post-birthday Patch - Main and Genesis


Friendly reminder that the store over at HarrysMod Store is online again, in case you missed the other announcements.

Other shit

We are already working on new stuff for the Christmas event beginning on 1st December. There will be an announcement closer to the time explaining what changes/additions are in play. This includes content for Genesis AND Main. There are NO NEW ATTACHMENTS/EXOTICS THIS EVENT. There will be for Christmas 100%. In even better news, we are now set in the server’s future until AT LEAST April 2022. This is a fantastic situation to be in, and we thank everyone who has helped.

Rhys section: There will be some balancing on main for this event, nothing major like my last balance patch.

As is traditional with these posts, comments/insults are welcomed below. Happy spooky season!




That’s crazy bro


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