Happy Birthday HarrysMod!


Woo, HarrysMod is 1! Here’s some dumb stats for the last year:

  • Collectively, there have been 1.2 million kills
  • The total level of all players on the server is 284,399
  • The combined scrap total of all players inventories is 5,906,775. 30% of all scrap is owned by the top 10 richest players. If scrap was to be evenly distributed among all players that have ever joined the server, each player would get 80 scrap
  • There are currently 240,299 items that are active on all accounts
  • 185,565 rounds have been played in total
  • The least played map on main is ttt_construction_v3, the least played map on minecraft is ttt_mc_skyislands. The most played map on main is ttt_rooftops_2016_v1. Despite being added a long time after the server was started, ttt_minecraftcity_v4 is the 2nd most played map across both servers.

There’s also some new stuff to check out on the server for the next 2 weeks, take a look:

Birthday cakes

  • Birthday cakes have been added! These contain guns or hats (somehow) and function similar to normal lootboxes. They’re all across the map so keep an eye out!

New exotics

  • 3 new exotics have been added!

  • Super Sawed-Off
    – A modified Sawed-Off which propels the user backwards after being fired

  • Quad-Berettas
    – The name is enough explaination.

  • Tranquilliser Gun
    – Stolen straight from a Zoo, this gun has a lower recoil and damage, compensated by its higher fire-rate and ability to slow any animal (or human) it hits.

These exotics are a very rare drop from all lootboxes. They have a higher droprate for the duration of the Birthday event, so start opening lootboxes now!

Store sale

There’s a sale now on at the store with up to 50% off some products! Stock up on scrap for a chance at getting the new exotics, or, if you haven’t already, buy VIP for easier XP and lootboxes!



You forgot 1 thing in that post harry:
Harrysmod - a way for harry to fund his binge drinking


FFS I have £7.20 in my bank account :frowning: How long is the sale on for?


I think I still have that recording on my PC somewhere. I just might have to find it :joy:


nah nick you missed more, harry went drinking (surprise there), and tried to buy drugs and got robbed while drunk


Here’s a video visualising a year of changes to the code:


Prison cakes.


my god…it might as well be a tumour growing into the cancer it is today