Harry's Mod - 2nd Birthday!

Harry’s mod just turned 2! Thanks from all of us for making this happen. It’s been a bumper year for the server, with a good amount of new things to boot. To celebrate, the Birthday cakes have returned - they will be in-game for a month from today. Also, you’ve got all of this funky new stuff to look forward to:

Harry’s Major Additions

You are now able to reroll your weapons! However, you cannot reroll corrupted weapons, but rumor has it, there might be a way to make them more powerful…

You can make a custom lootbox now! The more specific you are, the more it costs.

Mass Unbox
Added a mass unboxing feature. Holding shift will bring up mass unboxing and mass scrapping features when in your inventory. You can also hold shift and buy crates in bulk via the store. This also doesn’t lag the server horribly if you have a CCX-sized inventory any more.

MVP has been fixed so that more than one person can be MVP per round, it also now only rewards a crate once per day (which contains 5 items instead of 3) and 1000xp every time after you first earn it stop fucking tryharding

Because MVP has been nerfed, quests have been changed a bit to compensate and give a similar amount of items. Quests don’t have a daily reset now, instead they change when you complete them. In addition, several quests have been updated and some new ones have been added.

New store prices
Most of the stuff in the store has had its base price reduced, as well as practically everything in the store having bigger reductions on prices than before!

Community Managers and Ivan (with help from meharrygod)

New Guns
Harry’s mod gains some new weapons. These are:

UMP45 - previously a D weapon. Different stats, and removed Shock effect.
M60 - Huge’s big brother. Slower and kicks more, but more powerful and accurate.
SG550 - Half AUG, Half Sniper. A happy medium.
SPAS-12 - Quite accurate and fast semi-auto shotgun, but not as powerful as other weapons in that category.
TMP - A small sub-machine gun secondary. Silenced and very fast, but weak and with a 25 round magazine.

Raptor: I have updated the weapon stats spreadsheet to include the new guns, as well as show the current stats of all weapons as some have changed. In addition, the weapon names now reflect what we see in-game, so it is now easier to find the weapon you are looking for.

To help you to obtain cool versions of these awesome weapons, we’ve placed a ‘Birthday Lootbox’ on the store for the event. This will only contain new weapons and new skins. It costs 350 scrap per crate but you still get 2 items + it’s guaranteed to be new stuff! This also contains the newly added skins and hats/masks, that were created by the community!

6 new maps have been added to the main server and 3 to MC. A big thanks to all the players who’ve helped with map testing.

Main maps:
TTT_Fastfood_A6 - fancy a burger?
TTT_Roy_the_ship - This one’s for @Janice
TTT_MW2_Terminal - Yes, a Garry’s Mod version of a COD map, how original!
TTT_SchoolDayV3 - Back to school time!
TTT_Terrortrain2018_final - this was added a couple weeks back (don’t use moonman or you die a lot)
TTT_Waterworld - back by popular demand!

In addition, two maps have been updated to more modern versions.

Clue -> Clue 2018
Dolls -> Dolls 2008

Both have more in them and Clue 2018 looks a lot nicer, also being a bit bigger will hopefully reduce C4 spam.

MC maps:
TTT_MCMansion_V5 - living it up, MC style
TTT_MC_Terminal_A3 - Same as Terminal on Main oof
TTT_MC_Tipsky_B5 - bit like B5 but a bit better

+bonus - MC map extensions now have a limit of 3 (x10 rounds each) so that we might actually have something other than B5/City.

Event Spawns
Thanks to Rhys and myself, the event item spawns have been added to the new maps! In addition, the maps added to Main and Minecraft servers from Canyon all the way to Terrortrain have them as well! Raptor took time to update the infamously bad spawns of Minecraft_City as well, so you won’t constantly have to see Cakes out of reach. MC B5 is better than before, but it’s not ideal still. I’ll be looking into this in a couple of weeks when I have some more time. Please let us know if these spawn in weird places/out of bounds on any map, we’ve tested to an extent but it’s not perfect.

@ManeGunner6 moves to Community Manager to help with the duties and shit. I’ve recently changed jobs and I’m away a lot right now. I’m still sticking around (sadly) but I’m not going to be as active in-game. I’m almost always around on Discord (lurking). You can now talk to Mane, myself or @RhysRaptor for any CM needs.

Staff/CM shuffle:
Old news, but our good friend @Ivan is now helping harry as another developer. This was never really officially announced but it’s been going on for a while. Grats to him! (and stop forgetting commas jeez).

You may have noticed a new section titled ‘retired staff’ in the official discord. These guys are still staff members but are mostly inactive. We wanted to make sure that discord users didn’t get confused about who is and isn’t doing things. To clarify, they still have staff permissions (unless they request them be removed).

You may also have noticed another section titled ‘on-call staff’. We’ve decided to trial this, basically the staff in this list can be PM’d about issues on server and they will be able to help. As mentioned, this is a trial and may not be permanent. Anyone deemed to be ‘abusing’ this feature will be banned (at the discretion of a CM)

We have now elected to retire the ‘Helper’ System. Applications will still be looked at, but this has now served it’s purpose. See The End of the Helper System for more info on this. Please keep an eye out for further info on this one. In addition to this, we have promoted most Helpers to Staff and are working with the remaining ones.

Hats/Masks update
Hats/Masks will be added towards the end of the event - we will be reducing the size of a few entries to prevent bullshit hitbox-related issues. Stay tuned for further updates on this in the near future. And yes, Sam is being added.

Raptor: we wanted to add them all but so many of them were huge. The fact that it can give an unfair advantage by making your head hitbox seem bigger was enough for is to decide to delay this until it can be fixed. Don’t worry - this will be done eventually.

Weapon Skins
Thanks to all who made skins for weapons (including the UMP, fast work on that!). These will be appearing in a special ‘Community Skin Loot Box 3’ very soon. Congrats again to AJ and Dan_ for winning this!

Hitreg has got some improvements, however, we are aware that its not perfect, and still needs work. Harry and Ivan are still working on it, so you can expect more patches with changes to it

Exotic Odds
Exotic weapons are harder to unbox during this event. This is so that more Legendaries will be unboxed.

Raptor’s Section

Mission Mode - Birthday Weeks
For the duration of this event, Mission Mode is going to feature 4 weekly missions! The 4th mission will always be on-theme with the event. Some say that Santa has his eye on the Birthday event…

The 4th mission each week will be part of a special giveaway! Each week, everyone who enters the 4th mission is entered into a giveaway featuring Exotics! Each week has a different giveaway, which feature different possible Exotics. The winners of giveaways with multiple possible Exotics get to choose which one they want. The giveaways are as follows:

  • Week 1 - Quad Berretas/Super Sawed-Off Shotgun/Tranq Rifle
  • Week 2 - Big Bertha/Dual Crowbars/Dual Mac10s/Rab-Worc
  • Week 3 - M3 Garand/Panic Pump/Warlord/Vampiric Deagle
  • Week 4 - Sniper Shotty

Yes, you read that right: on the 4th week of the Birthday event, people can enter for a chance to win the new Sniper Shotty Exotic! For those who missed it before, it’s a Sniper Rifle that fires Shotgun shots.

HarrysMod Awards 2019
The HarrysMod Awards 2019 are getting closer! More details will come soon. Note that plans have changed due to the behavior shown during the nomination period.


Waterworld is back, I can die happy now.


waterworld be like, yo waddup 2017 hmod

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I am very hyped for this

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Thabk you happy face :slight_smile:

Updated it because I forgot the store had a new sale with lower prices than before GO BUY SCRAP PLEASE I NEED IT FOR RENT


Waterworld? Stronger corrupteds? More boxes? More guns? Jesus this is epic!

I rather hold Aldron’s shotty than buying scraps

Water world and rot the ship 2 maps from the good ol days