Harry'sMC launches officially today!

Hello All,

You may have seen that, over the last few weeks, we’ve been testing a custom Minecraft server. Firstly, thanks to everyone who has helped out with testing/breaking shit. Secondly, it has come time for the server/pack to be released properly. The pack utilizes the ‘Technic Launcher’ and the pack is titled HarrysmodMC. https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/harrysmodmc.1502582 is the direct link.

Harry’sMC officially launches today! The server IP is now simply ‘MC.harry.gg’ and I have updated the pack to reflect this. The server has been reset by myself and you should be able to protect your bases using the FTButil mods that are now in-place. We also now have an auto-server restart feature should anything cause a crash. Please note that this is a peaceful/fun server and GRIEFING IS NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Now, there are MC staff who are available to help should you have issues (they have the MC-staff role in discord) and I’m happy to be pinged when issues occur (dead pigeon in discord).

This is a constantly evolving project so mods may occasionally be added/removed. Please do not ask me to add Lucky blocks - there are legal issues with this mod which means that they cannot currently be used in mod packs and I AM SICK OF EXPLAINING THIS!

In the near future, there may be VIP perks that you can optionally purchase, but this will be determined by the popularity of the server and my ability to continue to update/develop the server.

Thoughts/Suggestions? Hit me up below. Want to be randomly abusive toward me? Hit me up below as well, screw it.

-Your friend, Dead Pigeon.


What are FTBuild commands?
Also what are the new mods?
Also also thanks for this :]

Find out
Loads but mostly includes utilities etc
You are welcome wet squid


Thanks Dead Pidgeon aka ccx aka Count Wankputin aka Head Cunt Ill do in a creative world!

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