HarrysMod Mission Mode: Week 3 - One More Week

Hello everyone! I’m enthusiastic this time lol. Welcome back to Mission Mode, on our third week! For those not in the know, here’s the initial post: Raptor’s Mission Mode: Announcement Post. It’s almost the Birthday event!

Last week’s rewards will be dealt with in time.

This Week’s Missions

Mission 1: “The Butcher’s Shop” - Hang 3 bodies on the same ceiling.

Mission 2: “Invading Raptor’s Home” - Put a body in a bin. If you can’t put them in it, put them on top of it.

Complete ONE of the following:

Mission 3a: “Hot Tub” - On a map with lava, have someone’s body half in the lava and half out.

Mission 3b: Any map with a small boat - “Viking Funeral” - Put a body into a boat and throw an incend into it. Screenshot the burning boat + body.

Mission Rewards

Mission 1: 2400 scrap
Mission 2: 2100 scrap
Mission 3a OR 3b: 3000 scrap


Here are the rules again, so that you can’t use the excuse of not having read them.

  • Missions reward scrap. This will be stated next to the mission in the post.
  • Submissions are to be entered in screenshot/gif/video form and submitted to the forum post that the mission is on. If you have issues doing so, submit it to me on Discord.
  • Submissions must be entered by the end of Tuesday the following week. For example, a submission for a mission started on Wednesday 26th June has to be entered by the end of Tuesday 2nd July. Late entries are not counted.
  • If you work with someone to complete the mission, only one of you needs to submit it. Make sure to specify who you worked with.
  • Rewards are tallied up at the end of the submission period for that week’s events, and given out by CMs when possible. I will mainly be the one responsible for this.
  • Each week will have 2 mission slots for map-specific missions. 3 different maps will be represented each week, 1 being a common map and the other 2 being uncommon maps. You only need to clear 1 of the uncommon map missions - entires for the other uncommon map mission each week will not be counted. Sometimes a mission in this slot will specify maps with a specific object/feature.
  • Do not reuse old submissions. If you are caught doing this, you will be disqualified from the event for 2 weeks.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t pick up your reward for a while due to IRL reasons and whatnot. A list of who is still to receive their reward will be kept.

Good luck and have fun!


mission 1 done with badger rest are irrelvant


charging badger (corpse collector and producer)
thefox STEAM_0:0:204174419 (corpse)
and chum boi (incend supplier)


how to turn off notifications for this shit

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You should totes take part! I know you’re quite poor these days.

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RhysRaptor(Hanging body 1)
Chum Boi (Hanging body 2)
Butanal (Hanging body 3)
Charging Badger (Body collector and hanger)


mission 3b done including badger he already done it


should get bonus points if your entry involves a CM


ccx underneath all the comments there should be a box saying tracking, click it and choose a notification option

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it’s a meme damn son

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Ah shit, I’m getting scrap for being involved yeahman.


Mission 2 done with Duck low level guy i found on the street begging for money


Mission 1:https://imgur.com/a/esgNjhA - The Butcher’s Shop

Mission 2:https://imgur.com/a/eRNg05X - Modern problems require modern BINS

Mission 3:https://imgur.com/a/GHzGdIl


Mission 3b
Stink-lips STEAM_0:0:25216967 (the body)
SilverFlaming STEAM_0:0:164711744 (body burner)

Mission 2
Stink-lips STEAM_0:0:25216967 (the body/dumpster finder)
SilverFlaming STEAM_0:0:164711744 (body mover)

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Misson one done.


Mission Two done.


Mission 3a Done.


Players: Sir Ginnysworth
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:67864358
He was the corspe.

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I got the 1first mission and 3a here, will update it if i get the second

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Mission 1 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1801020281
Mission 3b https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1801020168

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